Samsung E750

Samsung E750

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  • daya

best phone ever

  • erijco

lol @best phone... cruest phone ever saweddddddddd.. d900 best samsung!!!!!!!!

  • tin

This is the coolest phone I have ever had! It's the greatest. I know that I will never throw this phone away. It's really really great. With all those motions and such stuff I'm gonna die if someone takes it away from me.

  • dude

had this phone for a year and a month now.
it's not the best looking phone, for me, but you know... for some people, they find it really cool. umm.. so far, i have not seen anyone with this kind of phone in the philippines. everyone has the E760 which looks the same but... it's obviously different. anyway.. i'm getting a new phone in a couple of weeks.. so before i let this one go.. let me just share with all of you my "experience" with it. lol.

a) durable as hell
b) motion beatbox amuses the shit out of my friends, especially the guys
c) good loud speaker
d) excellent mp3 player
e) voice clarity and sound is brilliant
f) colors are bright even in the lowest setting
g) battery lasts for up to 2 and a half days with regular use
h) comes with an extra battery and separate battery charger
i) the external display and the button below it helps keep track of new messages and missed calls
j) vibrate is pretty strong
k) the flip never gets loose
l) for 1.3 megapixels, it takes pretty good pictures
m) small

a) keypads are non reactive sometimes
b) the silver on the front part chips off easily, resulting in black spots
c) it's kind of a bulky phone
d) does not ring and vibrate at the same time
e) does not have the option to copy contacts from sim to phone
f) message alert tones can not be personalized to .mp3 files
g) screen gets scratched easily
h) the keypads' finish comes off in no time
i) no external memory
j) cannot turn shutter sound for cam off
k) no themes

anyway, that's all i can think of right now. hope that helped..

  • jenian

they have posted the wrong pic here... isn't it true?............. the display was inverted with the cam capture......

  • amy

I love this design!!!

  • becca

The design of it is awful!

  • Thomas

Just because you don't it doesn't mean it's not there. Please read the specs.

  • eric ng

like the design alot.But pictures did't show much about the phone back design we need to see all phone back design hope that you can show us more photo of the phone pictures thk

  • ava

read again the specs, dude. And take a look at the picture, too .. geeeeeeee

  • JeRrYl

does this phone even have a camera??? cos i dont even see one...

  • seun babs

i really like everything about this phone,its 1 of samsung best products till date. keep it up.

  • Walker

Similar to this phone at

  • Anonymous

This phone is out now.

  • samantha

Does it have an FM radio? I'm lovin' this phone, hope its released before christmas! Please reply..cheers

  • freddy fudnuckle

to everyone who is interested in knowing about how this model performs. well i got my hands on this phone last week while i was in singapore and was most upset to find out that the features here poor compared to the write up, and was also disappointed when captin kurt was unavilable for commen, but i was able to speak to spok. i hope this can put many of you to rest. good day all..............

  • shmuik

Gesture recognition system is a motion recognition system that allow you by pressing a button and moving your phone to a direction to make an action in the phone, such as moving to the right the phone is next in the MP3 player!

  • Anonymous

What is Gesture recognition system ?

  • saira

This phone looks a little wierd but the functions sound good.

  • Trevor

It looks as good as 50 cent bling it totally ROX