Samsung Focus Flash I677

Samsung Focus Flash I677

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  • the man

bluetooth doesn't work and won't

  • ilyas

i had just a problm with blue tooth its connected and shows not supported can any one resolve my problem kindly help me

  • Anonymous

If i try to use HOTSPOT it is not working.

  • Anonymous

moula, 28 Nov 2012how to use my samsung focus flash i677 and how to download video... morei want user rules

  • Anonymous

cant use whatapp messanger


take tree hour to charge the batery last night and in the morning empty shhhht

  • Teran

Very Good Phone with a very good durability. 4G adds up a massive speed for internet browsing. Only negative aspect is with GPS for Asian Countries. Lack of correct positioning.

Playing Youtube Videos is very very easy...just go to in your internet browser en touch on play...
this is a very good fast phone, perfect for its price.


i want to know this handset programing ......pls help me.....

  • Sandeep

How to play youtube videos on Samsung Focus Flash I677?

  • kk

my phone problem with mother board and i changed my mother board for that paying 5000/- and again same problem repeated

  • Anonymous

sammy, 30 Jul 2013what do you do if its locked and dont know the password. and u d... moreHard reset--easy to do google it

  • sammy

what do you do if its locked and dont know the password. and u dont want to pay .r in other words how to do it by hand !!!

  • keke

Hey, 01 Jun 2013How do I put ringtone to workHow do I set music for my text message

  • Hey

How do I put ringtone to work

  • Lyubomir Grigorov

Works on T-Mobile USA, but it uses 3G/4G bands 1700 2100 and this phone only has one of those. According to T-Mobile it should only connect to 2G then and use EDGE at best for Internet.

The phone is unlocked from AT&T running 7.10 and it is great. Battery life could be better, even with brightness lowered and Internet off. One reason I don't like touch phones (I have Nokia E71 still 1 week battery original since 2008. Waiting on the Blackberry Q10).

  • mimi

taher, 26 May 2012The phone is awesum, better then the lumia series. The advantag... moreU can't use the Bluetooth the that is bad. U can't auto reject some numbers if u don't need those callers.. Why??

  • jostler

I've had many phones over the past 12 years, and this one is easily the WORST.

The most annoying feature is the ultra-sensitive Bing Search button. You could be doing anything on the phone and you WILL accidentally press your Bing Search button, immediately taking you away from whatever you're doing, and into the search field.

This is beyond frustrating.

Secondly, the Back button is similarly sensitive. You'll be doing something important, and then suddenly you're on the screen prior to that one, oftentimes erasing whatever you were doing. All due to the over-sensitive back button.

Lastly, the phone overheats and freezes often enough to be annoying.

I tried looking up ways of disabling the Bing Search button, but it's impossible.

Microsoft and Samsung: I give you TWO THUMBS DOWN.

  • zuli

How do I change the size of the font?
Why is it that I cant change the colour of Birthday calendar though others like google and my calendar can be changed?

  • pallu

amal, 21 Feb 2013good looking phone i want to purchase this cell ph becz its sar value is less,harmful effects kam hein cheap ph hein call quality is good but after reading reviews i am confused that bluetooth is not working,it is not connected to computer , how to transfer music, multitask nahein hein morever some people put review they don't get unlock should we purchase
like my usuage is great call quality
net surfing but so much multitasking , messaging , camera should i go for this cell ph or not from where should i get unlocked cell ph and wh price u guys get