Samsung found to not have willfully infringed Apple's patents

30 January, 2013

Ever since the jury in the Apple vs. Samsung legal battle decided that Samsung was guilty of infringing upon Apple's patents, the Korean giant has been working hard to reduce the damages that it has to pay Apple, or at least not have them increased.

One way to do this was to prove that Samsung, although already proven to have infringed upon Apple's patents, did not do it willfully. Samsung managed to prove this by claiming that it believed Apple's patents were invalid, so even though they may have infringed upon the patents, they did so believing they weren't doing anything wrong.

Turns out, the argument was strong enough to convince Judge Lucy Koh, who ruled that Samsung's infringement was in fact not willful, thus robbing Apple of any further damages that would have been added to the already large $1.049 billion amount, which, by the way, Samsung still has to pay to Apple. The judge could lower this amount as well if she deems necessary, but no such decision has been made so far.