Samsung Galaxy 551

Samsung Galaxy 551

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  • Krishna

I used this for 2 mnth less to three want to change

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  • 2013-10-09 13:51
  • yag%
  • Anonymous

I love the key board but I'm ready to throw it out a window. Very slow, no internal memory, loaded with useless default apps the phone wont let you delete, and crashes and has to force close Facebook messenger almost every time I open the app.

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  • 2013-09-21 23:42
  • xIY9
  • f.s

The phone is nice but it crashes too many times in 1 week...Also not enough internal memory

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  • 2013-09-04 00:33
  • NUwE
  • gerry177

Loves very much this phone, 2 years with me & I haven't trouble with this phone..

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  • 2013-08-23 23:37
  • Qxpq
  • gerry177

> In reply to arun @ 2013-08-21 17:43 from uu5h - click to readU have 2.3.6? How? Rooting ?I just have 2.2 and idk how to upgarde it..

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  • 2013-08-23 23:34
  • Qxpq
  • arun

i want to that the maximum limit of software upgrade in gti 5510. now i have 2.3.6

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  • 2013-08-21 17:43
  • uu5h
  • Anonymous

awesome but internal memory very low !

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  • 2013-08-07 21:00
  • vbxZ
  • dan

does it support skype

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  • 2013-07-26 22:37
  • 7qxv
  • Chirag

I have been using this mobile since last 2 years. Very satisfied with, but the only problem with this cell is not longer battery life, you need to charge it after 10 hr of normal usage and 7 hr of internet and media usage. Anyways i have this mobile and i want to sell it so if any body is interested to buy you can reach me at

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  • 2013-07-25 08:01
  • utj@
  • Subhankar

A very good mid level Android phone, a true gem to treasure.
Using it for last 2.5 years. Very satisfied.
However feel like going for a high end mobile due to Tech up gradation issue but not at the cost of this mobile.

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  • 2013-07-09 08:38
  • U21H
  • Squash

> In reply to ari @ 2013-06-06 10:11 from PRWT - click to readThis is the best

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  • 2013-07-07 18:40
  • Re2Z

Good Handset,,,,I Am Rady to Buy This Handset

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  • 2013-06-30 21:59
  • vwes
  • Anonymous

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2013-05-28 02:47 from Y293 - click to readthe camera does zoom using the ringer volume keys

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  • 2013-06-28 19:15
  • qaZe
  • amit

> In reply to ari @ 2013-06-06 10:11 from PRWT - click to readi am having this phone from last 2 years nd i just love this phone...

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  • 2013-06-28 15:10
  • 2S$t
  • Allie.(;

> In reply to melon @ 2013-06-10 22:55 from Nw8J - click to readNo, i've had this phone for about a year. It lags all the time , shuts down my programs randomly & has a really bad brightness display for the screen , you cant read a text or email in the daylight outside. I would not recommed this phone at all. Also , my phone is hot to the touch & the battery keeps dying , extremely fast . Invest in a blackberry or iphone.

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  • 2013-06-28 06:57
  • Q2Rr
  • melon

> In reply to Ajman @ 2013-05-10 17:22 from nwFE - click to read is the phone really good?

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  • 2013-06-10 22:55
  • Nw8J
  • Anonymous

The phone may not be powerful but the keyboard is awesome. The buttons are big enough to use without pressing 3 buttons at a time. This is THE phone for those who use instant messagers, email, internet searches, notes and texting. The keyboard is so much better than using the touch screen keyboards on ANY phone! And it appears to be rather durable, I've dropped it a number of times on a stone floor and the phone's not even scratched!

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  • 2013-06-09 11:05
  • nS$$
  • ari

Is this phone really sucks?
I want to buy it

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  • 2013-06-06 10:11
  • PRWT
  • avi

> In reply to Halogoop @ 2013-05-18 15:36 from q{2Y - click to readHow i do the link to sd card......and total process

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  • 2013-06-04 05:30
  • ijyu
  • Anonymous

THIS PHONE SUCKS!!!!!! Sorry, but its true.... When i call people what they say is static. The speakers are awful, when i take videos the sound is painful to listen to, being mostly muffled static and its the same way with the music exept you can hear the words a little better..., the camera doesnt zoom, focus or take pictures fast... Also, the storage is way to small! I downloaded 8 apps, and i had to delete some because the storgage was to small. The keyboard and the durability is the best thing about it and the keyboard isnt a great design given that your fingers rest on the off button and the volume buttons. Plus, the keys are so close to the other half of the phone when its open that its hard to use them! As for The durbility, ive dropped it a number of times and it still works, but by the second time i dropped it, the charging was messed and the battery had fallen out so many times that it could only charge sometimes. Unless you like a crappy phone that makes u want to smash it, dont buy it!

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  • 2013-05-28 02:47
  • Y293