Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500

Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500

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  • Muiez

Nice phone...I can use many symbian phone in nokia but this is my first android phone..i love its very much!!!!!

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  • 2015-01-23 18:10
  • utW3
  • MFaramawy

Any help please , how to get offical update to this phone?

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  • 2015-01-23 14:00
  • Nkn8
  • Detective

I use this phone for 2 years and it started to cant function well and keep restarting. But it is a good phone for me.

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  • 2015-01-23 08:15
  • IVN6
  • P2

Is that true that after upgrading this phone to kitkat is working fine:???

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  • 2015-01-23 05:35
  • U@9N
  • MFaramawy

Really an excellent phone.
network is very good.
also battery and sound.
I wish it's officialy updated to 4.4

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  • 2015-01-21 20:19
  • NkmX
  • Iraz

I'm currently using a middle class smartfone nothing can beat it's performance.only the fault i see is front camera.i"m happy using it! :)

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  • 2015-01-21 19:42
  • rAf7
  • Rafael Marks

Its a really good phone. can´t complain about it.

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  • 2015-01-21 16:21
  • 8IY7
  • aceplusowner

After more than 2 years of using this phone I have to say I couldn't have picked better in its price range. Dropped several times - flying in the air, onto asphalt, back cover and battery all over the place... Yet the screen doesn't have a single scratch, there are just a few scuffs on the corners. It's pretty slow, but that's understandable, just feeling a little sorry to miss on the jb update that never came. My phone is not rooted and if I properly close all the apps and clear ram with the built in task manager after using, I can still get a normal full day of battery. Once a few weeks a weird sw glitch appears that doesn't let me type, reopening the keyboard helps (or restarting the phone). Other than that I am happy with it and will keep it as a back up phone! (Just wanted to share, there are many better phones out there for next to no money these days that I would definetely prefer.)

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  • 2015-01-20 18:41
  • nYGj
  • Samba29

Good newssss !!!! u can update ur ace plus to android 4.4.4 cyanogenmod 11.
its not official update. its custom Rom just go to this site and learn how to upgrade to android 4.4.4 . performance and battery life and lots of amazing features after upgrade.

just go to this link

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  • 2015-01-20 09:10
  • Hkti
  • NufNuf

Dont drop it,they are weak as piss

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  • 2015-01-14 02:43
  • XrHq
  • sachin latiyaan

> In reply to insomniacno1 @ 2014-12-03 06:57 from 3I{$ - click to readhello guys samsung forgot his promise. very bad

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  • 2015-01-11 17:57
  • CArt
  • sachin latiyaan

> In reply to Romeo @ 2015-01-01 13:40 from uu3H - click to readhi dude

please get rid of unused apps if possible also heavy app. it will improve your battery life and resolve phone slowness problem.

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  • 2015-01-11 17:56
  • CArt
  • Bok

Is galaxy ace plus upgraded to 4.4 kitkat compatible to play the clash of clans?

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  • 2015-01-07 17:18
  • 7X3u
  • camaross1220

> In reply to insomniacno1 @ 2014-12-03 06:57 from 3I{$ - click to readyou choosed this phone instead nexus!!!This phone wont get jb update because this phone doesnt support

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  • 2015-01-03 17:45
  • uC3f
  • camaross1220

> In reply to Abhijeet @ 2014-12-11 18:16 from U@Hi - click to readyou need to root and install custom rom for that....

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  • 2015-01-03 17:43
  • uC3f
  • Romeo

Hi friend this Phone battery is very bad and its automatically struck ed after that its loading also to much slow...... if any have solution let me now.

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  • 2015-01-01 13:40
  • uu3H

Dear All,

Please let me know. you have same problem.

i have a question about this phone.

Its give more radiation (too much). Are you sensing the same.,

Mattapally P

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  • 2014-12-19 12:13
  • t}Hg
  • Abhijeet

how can i update samsung gt-s7500 to android 4.1 jellybean

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  • 2014-12-11 18:16
  • U@Hi
  • ANI

how can i npgrade the version into jelly bean ? i like this phone very much camera is superb than the other phones its batter life is too bad..

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  • 2014-12-06 08:18
  • uuTX
  • insomniacno1

Hello, in Denmark and Philippines we have not yet received the JB update and it looks to us(the customers) that Samsúng has given false statement on this and that we are not going to get the JB update after all. This were the reason I bought this model instead of the nexus - a thing I regret now, and I'm not going to buy Samsung products again - neither are my customers on my advice - not if the company isn't upholding its promisses! The notice of the update has been posted many places on the net, incl. GSMArena and PC World. Samsung customer service claim to have no knowlegde of when or even if we get the update!

It would be nice if GSMArena will make an article of this with a public question to Samsung, to whether they are going to push the promissed update to JB or not!

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  • 2014-12-03 06:57
  • 3I{$