Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500

Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500

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  • sudipta

Anonymous, 29 Apr 2015i have been using this phone for 3 years.. it does not hang.. it... moreI m very very satisfied wid galaxy ace plus S7500 ph.its better than sny other ph interbet accessing is too fast i hv been using it from july 2012
Its awsone exp n now i m going to buy one more smsng set may be E7 or A5 lil confused or any other can any one suggest

  • kent allen gonzales

joenard, 02 May 2015sir can you tell me how to root this phone? search it on google.. for GAP 7500

  • vasu

hi this is vasu some time phone will become silent went in comeing call coming then we must restart the phone then it will be ringing there is some problem

  • joenard

SweeSoup, 07 Apr 2015I bought this phone before 2 years...when I get it in my hand it... moresir can you tell me how to root this phone?

  • Anonymous

i have been using this phone for 3 years.. it does not hang.. it depends on you how you treat your phone.. else your iphn will hang too... my experience with phone is awesm.. it is much better than any other phn launching these days in the market..

This phone actualy is nice, maybe sometimes its hanging but not much i think. Lower price phone but Better fuction with 5MP Camera and Internet access Experience.

To all these people who cannot even speak proper English and complain about hanging... It's a cheap 3 years old phone. What do you expect? My experience has been nothing but good - it won't break no matter how many times I drop it without case/screen protector/whatever. I've seen it flying in terror from 1 meter height onto concrete in autumn, pop its back cover off, bounce like 20 times and battery landed in a puddle. Ugh. Well, still works, with the same battery. Pretty cool right? Just had to walk 10 meters to pick it up since it literally flew from my hand. And that's what matters! Learn how to clear your ram with inbuilt task manager and you will be fine. Don't expect it to handle new heavy games. Or go buy iphone and give this to some poor kid. Cheers.

  • Anonymous

after 2 years using this phone..i can say that this phone bad at all..always stuck and hang..and now it getting worst when my internal storage was corrupted..cannot using it of the bad product by samsung

  • E.Anandababu

OK, Overall nice & good.

  • SweeSoup

I bought this phone before 2 years...when I get it in my hand it become like small baby...but after some time when android 4.X series come other 2.3 devices are getting week against them, but this mobile is still have good a days I root this mobile before 6 months ago and I got fabulous more supportable then other devices...this is best ever mobile I know in budget of 12000...My love best...I am never sell this...

  • as@

hii guyz...i am using this phone since the release date..
it always hepled me . dropped many times but never round to gallery ever..If i can update it manually , its better than the space to compain.. Do gallery people update the softwear ? please guide

  • Pisces

Very slow to operate why?

Does anybody knows how to set up Galaxy Gear watch in this device?

  • jeeva

very dead slow processed,,,this mobile very wast....

  • bogale


  • dani

Its very worst phone of samsung, it is always stucks and hang . Every game stucks, i feel very bad

  • nat

Yes it's great phone. Played lots of games. Fell down many times still Stuck with me :)

  • Sam

Yes this is true, fallen many times but no dent :-P

  • vaiby

this is one of best smartphone made by samsung. till date i can play many high end game likely six guns. mordern combat,max pain etc. thousand time its fall in ground but no damage occur. even my sony z compact display broken but this will nevr left my accompany. till date no service no repair no battry replacement.

Yes u can play games for 2- 4 hours