Samsung Galaxy F pictured next to S5, has extra thin bezels

12 June, 2014

The Samsung Galaxy F (aka S5 Prime) is back in the news with a photo comparing it against its official Galaxy S5 sibling. The screen of the yet unannounced flagship will reportedly be bigger 5.2" or 5.3" and have QHD resolution.

What the photo reveals, however, are the LG-style thin bezels, which make the Galaxy F about the same size as the Galaxy S5. As we've seen from previous leaks, the back appears as brushed metal though it's not clear if Samsung is borrowing another page from LG's playbook and used plastic again.

This won't be out of line with Samsung's approach to mold plastic to look like a different material, leather currently. Samsung does already have a metal Galaxy flagship in the face of Galaxy J, but that's only available in its home market.

The camera is said to be a 16MP optically stabilized shooter, while the processing power has been bumped up thanks to Snapdragon 805 and 3GB RAM. The Galaxy F will keep the water-resistant qualities of the Galaxy S5, the sensor array too.

The photo is of rather poor quality, which may help disguise any imperfections if it's a Photoshop job. Even if it is, here's hoping the rumor that the Samsung Galaxy F will be launched only in South Korea proves to be false as it's shaping up to be a very compelling device.