Samsung Galaxy K zoom to cost 519 in Germany

05 May, 2014

Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy K zoom cameraphone a week ago. It's a successor of the Galaxy S4 zoom from last year and couples the Galaxy S5 design with a 20.7MP camera with 10x optical zoom.

Samsung has already detailed the official pricing and availability - the Galaxy K zoom should hit the shelves across Europe in mid-May for 499. As it turns out the retail price for Germany will be higher, though.

Samsung has just issued a press release for Germany, where it says the official price for the Galaxy K zoom is 519. The availability stays the same - mid-May.

This is quite interesting. Germany is the only EU country (so far), where the Sony Xperia Z2 costs less - 679 instead of 699. So there seems to be no obvious reason why this particular market will get the Galaxy K zoom at a higher price.

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