Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition)

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition)

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  • blonde

T-ill, 24 Apr 2016U mean it uses way less ram... Update it using odin Ram usage was higher. But i did a reset and ram usage is lower now. So im happy i did reset. This tablet is great running 5.1.1 now. No lags. Smoother.

I bought note 2014 edition p601 a week ago , i checked for update there isnt so i downloaded lollipop from and baaaam its working without any problems , with lollipop you will notice the difference in performance

  • Tibla

You didn't have to custom rom though. The Spen works perfectly only on Android stock.
You couldve just downloaded a different country's update. I downloaded the British and Russian and I am South African.

  • Threesixty

Check here to get the official Samsung 5.1.1 update. Works like a charm. Install via ODIN.

Good luck, tablet works like a charm. Still going strong :-)

  • T-ill

This tablet deserves marshmellow with a major upgrade including some of note 5 was treated piss poorly since it came has really given this tab extremely poor update support and still the performance is excellent..Damn sad.. This was a feature device..that gracious display still has to be beaten til date

  • Anonymous

If you want this device at its peak performance, I highly recommend flashing TWRP and installing CM 13. I have this device, it had screen stuttering, laggy performance and its got hot. Never received OTA for lollipop(South Africa). So I rooted and formatted it, installed CM mod and it runs like a dream, no lags, battery life is excellent. There is not a day I look back and think i shouldn't have done this.

If you want to install CM mod. First Root, then get TWRP and flash it. Then download the rom as well as Gapps. Flash and format the device and you're golden. I use the device as a portable PC in class. Simply devine

  • suzukilee

why i cant upgrade to 5.1.1 (Lollipop)????

  • blonde

dmm987, 13 Mar 2016I have the Note 10.1 2014 edition. Recently, I receive a notific... moreThats a mystery? My model is pm600 2014 edition and running 5.1.1. You should have received that update by now. Keep checking OTA for updates.

  • Emma

my mobile data is not working.......what can i do?

  • T-ill

blonde, 10 Mar 2016My note 20014 edition running 5.1.1 and everything is fine expec... moreU mean it uses way less ram... Update it using odin

  • mmm

Anonymous, 09 Apr 2016How can I plug my tablet into my tv ?u have to have a tv with internet and bluetooth and then u can connent it by bluetooth

  • Anonymous

just remove back cover (preferably with a plastic card) then re-attach the loose ribbon and your good to go

  • Anonymous

I have a samsung 10.0 SM-P601, I don't know what happened to it but the screen went off, when its on but d screen is blank, what must have happened to it?

  • akhter

I have a samsung Note 10.1 (2014 ed) P605 model, Its running on Android 4.4.2, yet not get any notification for update lollipop. What is the way to upgrade it to lollipop? ?????

  • Anonymous

How can I plug my tablet into my tv ?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Mar 2016Got tired of waiting too(Nigeria ).So I used Odin to flash the ... morePls explain how u do it, I want to update mine to lollipop, my model is P601

  • rsg

My Model is SM-P605 (3G/LTE). Whole LCD Screen is broken. Can anyone help me to restore my Tablet. Is LCD Screen of Model SM-P601 (3G) compatible with SM-P605 (3G/LTE).

  • Minshyu

How smart when basic function is working?
It can't receive call and SMS when wifi is connected. Return to normal when wifi is off.

dmm987, 13 Mar 2016I have the Note 10.1 2014 edition. Recently, I receive a notific... moremy last comment was ment for dmm987

steve2626, 15 Mar 2016sammobile only has 4.3 update for Australia and mine is 4.4. i d... moreI got the 4.4 update last year in June. you can update it other ways but it can be dodgy and can ruin your tablet. I guess we will just have to wait :/