Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

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  • Cllausz

Got this phone a month aago.First thing I did was to upgrade it to 4.4.2 cuz by default it was running 4.1.2 . Then I noticed battery drain so I rooted it and flashed a custom rom, Eclipse V7 to be specific. And it friking flies, with the rom you also get the Agni kernel and you can overclock it up to 2.0 GHZ if you need.
Regardless, you also get the S6-S7 customized specific look in all apps and menus etc and it's buttery smooth.
Note 2 ain't dead yet.

  • prateek877

Hello friends i am using Samsung galaxy note2 16gb n7100 a days i am facing problem with wifi network. .its showing saved and secured. .i have tried all the online solutions like reset router, hard factory reset,various wifi analyser applications and all stuff..still cant get the exact connects flawlessly to hotspot network but can't connect to router network please give me solution of this..bluetooth works fine so i guess there is no hardware issue. ..ur advice is appreciated. .

  • Bonnie Ekwaroh

WiFi & Bluetooth problem at it's best!! shame to manufactures

  • samsung staff

anty, 03 May 2016Had this phone for 2.5 years. Great phone! Now bluetooth died. ... moreno one cares

  • Anonymous

I have note 2 and in on 4.1.2 and when i try to look for on update on the ohine or through kies. Its says layest software already instakked but clearly it is not. Any clues how to update other tshn installing the updste manualky???

  • anty

Had this phone for 2.5 years. Great phone! Now bluetooth died.
Plastic cover peeled off... Bad support for new Android versions.
Android version lags very much after a while.

All in all it has been a very good phone, fallen a lot, never broke until today :-/

Now i have to buy a new phone and can't decide which one can replace it.

  • zummer

Hi! I had my samsung note II but then it had lcd problem, so I bought a samsung j7 now. but then it also has lcd problem now, what will I do? The samsung j7 is still covered in warranty service. does that mean they can fix it free? and why did j7 presented problem like this when in fact i didnt even dropped it or something. is samsung really has sensitive lcd. LCD replacement is so pricy

  • venkat

juniorwoode21@gmail., 17 Apr 2016i don't know how to make conference calls This phone great work super fast on net I like very much

  • jj

getting bored with kitkat ..may anyone give idea for how to root for 4.4.2 der any problems caused after rooting it...regarding hardware or operating system..please let me kno frnds..thnks..

  • Jukbo

I still have my Note II (T-889 T-Mobile) with Lollypop 5.1.1 CenOS and this phone rocks after 3.5 years!! but I have no reasons to spend more money in a new one... Is superfast and refuses to die. In addition it has a case that keeps it like new. If it were a non removable battery one it never had lasted 3.5 years!

  • Alejandro_DR

Don't flash a custom ROM on this. All the S-Pen apps would be lost (they're Samsung propietary and they're not on the Play Store) and also the MHL TV-Out stops working :(

  • El_Zato

Anonymous, 18 Apr 2016this is 4gThe 4G version for AT&T is called Samsung Galaxy Note II SGH-i317. Surprisingly, its specifications are NOT here in gsmarena :/

  • Anonymous

this is 4g

  • juniorwoode21@gmail.

i don't know how to make conference calls

  • elle

Does anyone have problems that they can't send video messages?

  • Nunina

hey, can you tell me SAR of body (EU) for this Note2? Tnx

good smartphone strong too and better than note 3 in strength and os stability and battery life-time

  • chilaski

I just love the screen size and after upgrading ma phone, it's been running smoothly. It perfect for playing games - fifa 14 to fifa 16, Real racing 3, WWE immortals, etc. I will like to see an upgrade to 5.1 or 6.0. though.

Please do not buy it because Samsung company do not provide us new update however they provide 4.4 kitkat

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Mar 2016i regret my money gone begging, worst phone ever, firt battery d... moreThis is a best mobile