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  • Skininx

My S5 neo is garbage. Freezes up constantly. Ive continued to do my cleanups and restarts etc. I even bought Avg think8ng maybe I had a virus but no virus detected.

I have only owned Galaxy phones sinc ethey first came out and this is by far the worst one.

I give it a 3.5 out of 10 and thats generous.

Asylumsix , 14 Feb 2017Bluetooth is very short range... Microphone sucks for recordi... moreThere is definitely NO PROBLEM to use Galaxy S5 Neo as a media phone:
(1) Perfect for using as a VoIP phone (with or without camera for Skype, Google Hangouts).
(2) There is no problem using any headset for handsfree VoIP talking (including PC type USB headset with USB to micro-USB connector).
Bluetooth headset devices however many times have compatibility problems, battery is another problem too.
(3) There is no problem of using any PC type keyboard with USB to micro-USB connector.
(4) Galaxy S5 Neo has great FM radio as well.
(5) No problem for voice recording from FM radio or headset.
(5) Perfect for Full HD video play (any type) with headset, emails, ebook reading, Flipboard news, navigation device or for fitness.

  • djevit

Gino76, 12 Feb 2017I had bad experiences with Android phones in the past 18 months ... moreI can not compare the different models, I only have the s5 Neo.
But I can say that I'm quite pleased with its waterproofness.
The first month I had the phone I fell in the water whilst sailing.
I was in the water for a few minutes and my phone was in the pocket of my pants.
When I was back on land I opened the phone and saw drops on the outside of the
waterproof rubber. I wiped them off and closed the phone again.
I never had a problem with it and in daily life I use my phone as my mp3 player
during biking. I live in Belgium, so we have plenty of rain, and I never experienced
problems, eventhough my phone sits regularly in a sooked pocket...

  • Asylumsix

Bluetooth is very short range...

Microphone sucks for recording live music as the bass causes a crackling sound on the recording..

If I vape around it while it's on my desk then try to charge it it tells me there's moisture in the charging port and it won't let me charge it until I swab it out..

Bought this as a media phone. It's not connected to a network and is a pretty big letdown...


Gino76, 12 Feb 2017I had bad experiences with Android phones in the past 18 months ... morenothing is water proof - i do cell phone claims - some are water resistant but you still have to use caution

me007, 09 Feb 2017Galaxy S5 Neo has Super AMOLED display (better than any other di... moreI had bad experiences with Android phones in the past 18 months as mine got water damaged hence I'm looking for something that can withstand more than a drop in the sink/bath or light rain. So in terms of water resistance (or water proofing) and performance (and perhaps camera and battery life) which would you choose between the Galaxy S5 Neo, Moto G4 and on oldie like the Xperia Z3?

Gino76, 06 Feb 2017So are you saying in terms of its specs and current enhancements... moreGalaxy S5 Neo has Super AMOLED display (better than any other display), FM Radio, compass, NFC, better battery life, better navigation (GPS+GLONASS), business class Knox security (worldwide security certification), similar performance.
Moto G4 has 5.5" display (phablet) against 5.1" more compact display of Galaxy S5 Neo.
You may check-up the detailed reviews of S5 Neo and Moto G4 at notebookcheck . net
Galaxy S5 Neo water resistancy is good, however for underwater photos would be better to have universal underwater plastic case.

Anonymous, 06 Feb 2017I've got 6.0.1 with the January 1, 2017 security patch. Yes, ... moreSo are you saying in terms of its specs and current enhancements (based on Android 6.0.1) is this better than a Moto G4? I noticed comparing the benchmarks the S5 Neo is better than the Moto G4. Agree? And would you say the water resistant is good as it is advertised?

  • Anonymous

Gino76, 04 Feb 2017May i know what is the latest security update for the S5 Neo? An... moreI've got 6.0.1 with the January 1, 2017 security patch.

Yes, there is a Torch shortcut in the settings drop-down. By default it was on the second row of icons so you had to expand the list to display it, but you can re-organize the icons to put them in your preferred order.

Is it worth it? Well, that depends on what you value in a phone. In my opinion, for a mid-range device it is perfectly capable. It's showing its age as a cost-reduced former flagship at this point, and security support will probably expire sooner than I'd like. Nougat it probably out of the question.

As someone else has mentioned, you won't be able to get much joy from the open-source ROM community, because many developers are unwilling to touch its Exynos chipset. If that matters to you, then you would be well advised to stay away.

I didn't have the device pre-6.0.1, so I cannot comment on whether it improved or hurt performance or battery life.

  • Sirius4now63

If you like custom roms,stay support from Cyanogenmod or Lineage OS

Between the Exynos 7580 and the Snapdragon 617 (with the Moto G4) on paper and performance which is the better & faster chipset?
And between the MaliT720MP2 vs the Adreno 405 which one is better?

May i know what is the latest security update for the S5 Neo? And does the current Marshmallow update include a torch shortcut on the drop down quick Settings/shortcuts? And is it worth getting an S5 Neo this 2017? Did the Marshmallow update improve the performance and battery life of the phone?

  • Faddy

Hey everyone! I just got this phone and honestly I've never had a galaxy I don't like but I do wish that the "window" or "process" button was still hold down the "home" button I find having the "more options" being a actual button next to the "home" button you know since it's used so much. I'll be looking at this phone from a perspective I hope shows the value this phone has apposed to what features it has, why have a phone that can do everything and anything but last more than the two year contract. So I'll be looking at software stability, durability, how well it radiates is heat if any (I had a Sony Xperia and it almost melted due to water proofing not allowing heat to radiate) battery and speed, storage so o hope you like it once I try it and tell you but if someone already knows this stuff is like to know

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2017Screen mirroring is not supported on the Neo. I'm very disappointedScreen mirroring may be done easily using MHL Micro USB to HDMI Cable (Samsung smartphone/tablet compatible). Not expensive, different lengths 2/4m, you may find such cables, for example, at Amazon. It duplicates the Full HD smartphone display&audio on TV/monitor, no driver is required.

Nackman, 24 Jan 2017My biggest problem with the S5 Neo is the camera and the app tha... moreIt's a phone with a camera, not a camera with a phone!
1. If you haven't took off the plastic sticky patch on the camera lens, please remove it and you will see the difference.
2. The Galaxy S5 Neo camera App has Pro mode (better than Auto mode) and HDR mode which could be handy for contrast scenes.
The camera may focus at around 4-5 cm without problem, just tap on the display at the focus point. My examples at goo . gl/lTxN59 (no space)
3. In low light scenes the camera may use higher ISO (you may choose it in Pro mode) since the minimum shutter speed restriction is around 1/17 sec and using larger shutter speed (example several seconds, with tripod) is not possible. There is no support for full manual shutter control, it is available only for small list of phone cameras.
In case you need stable work at 1/17 sec shutter speed, then you may use any universal tripod (or just scotch tape to stick at any surface) + Voice Control and take picture, just by saying "Smile", "Cheese", "Capture" or "Shoot". You may use any other Camera app of choice, for example Google Camera has Photo Sphere mode.
4. Still the main problem with EVERY smartphone camera is lack of optical zoom and image stabilization, video without zoom and image stabilization is not usable. For video it would be much better to have with you a small camcorder with 12X optical zoom and 14X active optical stabilization - you will forget for video handshaking and blurry photos.
You may get with you professional mini camera with several lenses.
5. Dull photos (in some scenes) may be easily corrected using any free photo correction software, for example FastStone Image Viewer (brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness). In case of reflections you may just use polarizer filter (from any camera) in front of the camera lens.
6. The front camera is just fine for using with Skype or Google Hangouts. The back camera lens is bright f/1.9 and 31mm wide angle, takes nice photos in most common situations. What else is the use of a smartphone camera?

  • Anonymous

Screen mirroring is not supported on the Neo. I'm very disappointed

  • Anonymous

I just upgraded from a S4 to S4 neo. What happened to the message delay feature????

  • Anonymous

I dislike this phone and won't buy another Samsung. I find the menus too limitedand often it doesn't recognize my menu selections. Example, I have it set to stay unlocked in Safe Locations, but it constantly locks anyway. I dislike having to swipe to get to the Password screen when locked and having to swipe when it's unlocked. Many of the menus require several actions to complete a task. For example deleting a draft text message. I dislike that it alerts only once for text messages so if I don't constantly check it, I miss them. The camera is awful. I thought there was something wrong with it and returned to the store several times to return the phone. I took photos in the store using other phones to compare (and my old Galaxy S4) and they are grainy and dark and out of focus. Looking at the phone, I think the camera is inset too far into the phone body so it is shaded (or soemthing)

  • goodlucky

I like the phone buh d camera is too dull

  • Nackman

My biggest problem with the S5 Neo is the camera and the app that comes with it.

I upgraded from an S3 and expected some improvement in overall performance. I am happy with the Neo except for the camera. The camera doesn't seem to be able to take low light photographs at all. It can't even focus on subjects closer than about six inches. The camera app that comes with the phone doesn't even come with anywhere near the functions of my S3. You can download about five or six more functions for your camera but that doesn't come close to what my S3 was capable of.

Other than that I love my Neo