Samsung Galaxy S II running Android ICS ROM

16 October, 2011

The stage has been set, the date and time finally agreed on and we are but days away from Samsung and Google's big unveiling of both the next Googlephone, the Nexus Prime, and the official launch of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Update: The whole demo relies on third party software add-ons to make the phone only appear to be running Ice Cream Sandwich. It's an impressive feat, but it's not the real deal. Stay tuned for our coverage of the official Android Ice Cream Sandwich unveiling that's set for October 19.

Of course there's always time for another possible leak, hack, mod or otherwise in the run up to this very special day in the Android calendar and as such, today's goodness comes courtesy of a stylish white Samsung Galaxy S II, purportedly running a, what appears to be, very stable build of Ice Cream Sandwich, take a look:

We have little reason to believe this is any form of fake or stunt, especially with the apparent promise of this ROM hitting XDA Developers in the days to come, so we'd suggest taking it as a very positive WIP.

As such we can safely say we're looking forward to the big day, as Google will really want to show off just what the latest version of their mobile OS can really do when they're in control and we're inclined to let them do their thing without interruption. Roll on the 19th, we say.

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