Samsung Galaxy Win I8550

Samsung Galaxy Win I8550

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i've been using this phone since dec,2013 until now..still working..but now it have some issues with the speaker..the sound can't be heard,but still can make a phone call..just to play a song or watch a movie need to use earphone..quite lag, im thinking of buying another phone if this broken..if not i will used it till the end :)


no prob wid this phone

  • karth

I see lot of haters here for this phone...Im been using this phone since Aug or Oct 2013...I dint face any major issues with the phone. The simple trick is to clean your phone for every 6 months and I recommend to root the device once its more than a year old..You can save or tranfer contacts and media files to system or another phone before doing this...I bought samsung edge 7 recently but I still use this phone for music and gaming purpose since I do not want install more apps on my new device..

shani, 10 Dec 2015If u buy this phone, u will never use samsung in ur whole life.A... moreyou are absolutely correct... i faced exactly similar problems... i hate samsung too!!
any idea on Redmi note 3?

Horrible battery backup.... hangs a lot... very very slow.... and yes the memory gets full w/o downloading many apps too! completely useless phone ... absolute waste of money!

  • zai ahir

unfornulatly when phone is on it gone shut down and dont get power on . and this mobile get 10000s repairinng.

  • metal head

One of the worst nightmare and unluckiest day it was when i purchased this phone for 16500 k.. It has almost 2 years and now my vibration is not working... Heats very fast... Hangs alot... Battery backup is worst... Can't play 1080p video..and can't play even fl commando smoothly...

  • Jack

I don`t this phone can`t transfer data to ext sd card. So surprised.

  • keyur

Worst phone is very slow...most of games not works perfectly....battery backup is also will be totally west of money on buying this phone...if you values your money don't west on this...

  • prakash

DSK, 16 Mar 2016This phone is good.. I have been using since June 2013. But it... morejust replace vibrator. I did so and its working well.

  • DSK

This phone is good.. I have been using since June 2013.
But it stopped vibrating recently. Also the processing speed has decreased.
Overall its good phone., 01 Mar 2016Hii friend I lost my original charger I have to buy a new one.i ... moreit must be 3.5 v broo

  • zowie

I have had this phone for 12 months.
battery life great
runs well
would be great if volume when it rings was louder but overall wonderful

  • Anonymous

toppie, 30 Jan 2016I haven't use it; i still wanna know more about it before purcha... moreI have no problems with the phone using for about 2 years, but why would you purchase this model it is a very old, there will be no updates from Jelly Bean unless your root the device.


Hii friend I lost my original charger I have to buy a new one.i don't about its power output.till now iam using moto e if any body knows plzz tell me about its power output.?

  • anon.

this phone quality sucks.. battery life doesnt even exceed 1 full day use. lagging is bad and overheats excessively.. wont recommend this phone to anyone..

please how adgust two sims to calls .

  • Uday shankar

Samsung galaxy win is very nice android mobile i use it but one thing i don't know what to use accrolmetre

  • DerPrinz

cant install applications, shows insufficient memory low while visibly there's still 5Gb remaining.. any solutions pls?

  • Anonymous

Somu, 27 Jan 2016I'm using this phone almost 2 years. now I facing a big problem.... moremine too... have some problm wid vibration option