Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

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  • shilfi

i have no words for this phone.. it is such a strong phone.. i dropped it in water.. dropped down thousands of time.. but still working awesome.. mine is four years old still alive with the battery..

  • Anonymous

Got this phone in 2012. But the SD Card slot got damaged so we fixed it. And my little brother rooted these phone and the music volume got more stronger after he rooted it.
But now I using Samsung Galaxy J1 and I using my Galaxy Y as a music player. 😊😄

  • Milendra

My fathers gift to me as first android
Most toughest phone... Throwed many times... My ultimate shower mobile i think its water proof💦
I domt know it has 2 or 20 mp camera bcz my sony xperia z2 make almost sameresult in photography 📷📷
It was, is nd will be smartest mobike ever
miss u g(y)

  • Bel

Yaya Lesung Pipit, 25 Nov 2015I bought the phone in 2013 and I still use it without wearing ca... moreThis phone is the strongest phone i have ever owned. Had it since 2012.....never given me problems. I replaced it last week simply because I got tired of it. Ive dropped it in water and it survived. Dropped it many times and still going. But the highlight was when I dropped it from 5th floor to the ground! It survived. Not shattered... screen intact. I was shocked. One tough phone! Keep it up samsung.

  • salman

buget for 2011


how i can see call durations of day
total call incoming outgoing times

  • Anonymous

it hang frequently

  • Kholil

Very nice phone,but display is too short to see videos

This phone can't receive file via Bluetooth without sd card! anyone has solution?

  • Suku

Can we encrypt this phone? is this phone safe to seel? can it restore its content

  • drpete, 17 Nov 2015i think this phone is best . i m rough user but this phone toda... moreIsn't the screen toooo small for watching videos/films? Your eyes will tire very quickly.

  • gajendra

yoJanis Ethiopia, 18 Nov 2015It is best in network, battery,suse And it doesnot instaLL much... morepartition the memory card and use link2sd. u can install 100s of apps

  • Yaya Lesung Pipit

I bought the phone in 2013 and I still use it without wearing casing. No problem I faced until now. The phone has many times fallen but still good. Although a bit long but this feature is required by all users of smartphones.

  • sanj

I bought this in 2012 im still using it often..its still working fine.. i faced no big issues at all. its better than most expensive devices in market today.but time to go for a new and bigger one. thanks.

  • yoJanis Ethiopia

It is best in network, battery,suse
And it doesnot instaLL much Apk due to internal mEmory 190 Mb


i think this phone is best . i m rough user but this phone today also running nicely .i used to drop it, watched videos more than 5-7 hrs continousely and even charged whole night , using wifi whole day , but no problem. only 1 problem battary drains fast. since using orignal charger no heating problem.

I didnt install any apk... And it gettin small day by day... I think it need to be flash.....
How do u flash this type of phone..

  • Nag

I have purchased this phone in 2012..still it is working well. It does not have much issues!!!

  • Anonymous

shermz, 12 Oct 2015Morning... More and more my screen and icons are getting smaller... morethis phone s screen resolution automatically will change. nothing to worry.

  • prim

my wife has such phone. sometimes, it's reload button doesn't work well. it's the only tiring problem.