Samsung i700

Samsung i700

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  • Anonymous

samsung is no. 1 !!!

  • edong

I want to buy this cellphone can you send me prices, features and package of the phone, and when exactly it would be available.

  • Anonymous

it will be avalible in Q3 of this year

  • Araba

I think the Samsung phone is a wonderful one pls can u let us know what the price will be and when exactly it would be available.

  • omid

thank you

  • Anonymous

its great

  • Hey all...

How I wish this phone will cost only $100 =)

I will immediately buy it. Does this one sing? He he he...

  • P1GONK

"clie" rulllzzz.i go for japanese pda rather than this shit korean crappy design and features!!!!!

  • Adnan Anis Tumbi

Does any one know, when will i700 will be launched and if it is launched can anyone tell me its price

  • jc brown

i want to purchase an i700. where can i get it

  • Kumjoo

I known that samsung i700 is used in CDMA system but here you say it can be used in GSM system, so can anyone clearify me about this.

  • Tizzi

it's not a phone, only one pda can's suckkkkkkkkk

  • Chung

It's very good.

  • Happy

It's really interesting. I think this is an excellent phone i ever seen. Maybe i'll buy it soon.

  • rashmit

I want to buy this cellphone can u send me detail prices and features of the phone.please send me reply asap.

  • ASS

Fucking expensive phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • N**L

shit and f***ng expensive fone go for ipaq or o2 xda instead!!!!

  • priscilla Amoako

samsung i700 is a very nice phone but i think it meant for only rich b,cos i know i will never get on cos am in school , i think u should do some give aways i comefrom ghana i will be very happy if u sent me one for free the phone too nice i want one.

  • Annu

very innovative design reflecting the state-of-the-art technology. and powerful range of specifications.

  • noels

can upgrade with mp3 or mpeg4 player or not ???????