Samsung i700

Samsung i700

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  • jonathan

da phone is sweet it cool, i love it more if you could make one like that with better pixels & ligther. keep it up


i will like to buy this phone

  • rev living williams

i will like to buy this phone

  • dayo

i like this phone and i which to buy it

  • denyirawan

were i can find i700 charger.....?plezzzz
i will waiting for it

  • joseph

how will i be able to buy this phone on the net


hey der...ineed the price of the i700,n is it available in the UAE,also does it have wi-fi connexion, thx for replyin on my email add...

  • jemaya

what is the price?

  • samuel fredrickk

samsung i700 is veryeasy to understand because it brings out what is hidden in gsm world.very strong and long lasting.

  • samuel fredrickk

samsung i700 is veryeasy to understand

  • todd

i700 needs a belt clip holster!

  • nasir

.pakistan spots mobile set informition.

  • hunny

other+i live in pakistan.pakistan spots set informition.

  • Jose Aguilo

data calls are too slow with verizon wireless

  • anhdao


  • Han

well isn't the samsung i700 look like the samsung D415. i think there two are same thing.

  • okwandu basil

the best everseen from samsung.i"ve been wondering it's availability in nigeria b/cos i would like have one.

  • Daniel Hope

This Phone Looks Similar To the XDA2 But Still Looks Very good. This Looks Like the Samsung D410 But looks a bit Bigger. I Wouldn't Buy This Phone Personally Because It Looks A little Bit Big.

  • ricky

thiz phone is nice.can ihave free

  • Anonymous

Toon:You don't want a phone with those features,but lots of other people do.So what are you gonna do about it?Does a phone with a freaking big screen,and does your stupid piece of shit nokia look better?