Samsung i700

Samsung i700

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  • mishmish

does i700 wz video cam?
i need price too?

  • ganbaa

i need price samsung i 700. please help me...

  • Toon

I dont want a phone that functions like a computer..or a gameboy..cause it looks dumb..but maybe if u add some minor features of a gameboy or computer to a phone(NO MICROSOFT POWERPOINT! or word..)and add something that a computer cant have(easy eg a portable camera (which is already available))and something fun n cool..that would rock..haizz i believe there would be a phone that would look like a wallet someday

  • kashif

it is very nice cell plz send me its pakistan,s rate

  • Tata

I have seen I700 in this website only. When will this be available in the Philippines? I want to buy 1. Please reply to my email add. Thanks.

By the way, this is my correct email-ad and not the one below. Thanks.

  • Tata

I like the features and the look of this cellphone. Please tell where I can buy it and how much. It its not yet lauched, when is it available in the market. Pls. reply to my email adress. thanks.

  • pandapotanrangkuty

I have SGH x600. I've got no complaint with it so far. I connect it to my PC with IRDA and Data Cable as connectivities. It is really incredible.The stability and the battery are wonderful.It can stand for 13 hours without problem. That's the good record I think. But I seem to like Samsung i700 appeareance. I think it is more than just a cell phone. Do you think Samsung i700 will give me more when I use it as modem compared with my Samsung SGH x600?

  • fatih

I like products of samsung very much(especially mobile phones).but I cant
undestand why samsung mobile phones' have no bluetooth.and why cant we(samsung users) connect with other mobile phones(example;nokia,sony ericsson,etc..)by using infrared port?

  • toye

i think it is nice. can u send me 1 of the item

  • abdulhaq

thismobile is very good and impress us very muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Imran

Iam Pak ...
This Producats Not Avilable in Pakistan

  • hikky

it's very nice...
i want to about the prize...
please sent the ms of prize to my e-mail please.....thanks

  • Patrick Sia

i mean at malaysia

  • Patrick Sia

can i know when is the i700 going to launch?

  • B.L.Sharma

A nice phone. Very good resolution of photos.But while tried to transfer video files to pc a suitable compressor was asked that must be supplied in the CD .

  • yemi

i need it urgent.

  • gangsta

all samsung needs to do is put bluetooth in their beautiful phones and they should also have an mp3 player and fm in all their phones

  • gangsta

all samsung needs to do is put bluetooth in their beautiful phones and they should also have an mp3 player and fm in all their phones

  • derrick

Wow the phone is powereful,i wish i could have one of the phones.Pls if it is possible i will send u my address.

  • David Bron

"Hello seller, Am keenly interetsed in purchasing your item i will like to know the cost of it ...ihave seen all the fueture so i am higly interested in it pls let me know ur cost of it and the term of payment to get it to me .....thanx.