Samsung i700

Samsung i700

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  • Peter

Nice looking phone and features. However, there is no mention of bluetooth. for a phone of this size, no bluetooth would be a major disappointment as it would be a hassle to talk on for great lengths. Even with speaker phone function, you can't get up and walk around and standard handsfree just lick balls. Can anyone verify if it is bluetooth compatible or not?

  • beni

perfect phone no comment

  • mostafa mennor

it's nice cellphone really , my wife rachael mennor was very jealouse when i told her i want to buy it , i think i will buy it and not tell her anything i m scared of her :(

  • robinson

hi i love u pnone i like to get so pnone

  • Nguyen Vinh Quang

I would like to ask you something.
1. Can I700 connect to Internet? Does it look like a computer?
2. How much does it cost?

  • shiv

i cant wait till this phone is out it looks wicked

  • Robert Morehouse

I purchased the i700 about 1 month ago and I am still convinced that I made the correct decision. I was tired of having a phone and a PDA. My Jornada was giving up the ghost and I did not like the T720.

I wish that there was a good carrier for this device. I do not really want to carry on my belt but I am tired of sticking it in my pants pocket. I wish that it had been bluetooth enabled. I really like being able to access my AOL. I only wish there was a secure ID for the PDA so I could access my work e-mail.

  • John Tee

when will it be available in hongkong or asia? how much will it cost including mmc slot card? any protectative cover? tnxs

  • brad

very nice phone, when is it comming to europe?

  • lakshminarayana

is it available in india or yet to release all over india

  • hakan

really nice phone
but too heavy, isnt it?

  • Rene'

The phone is $999.00 retail, I got mine from Verizon, the way they advertise was not clear, I ended up paying $599.00 plus tax. Most features are good, but tech support is poor. I am not clear on the GPS function, the service provider could not give me a straight answer. The phone is best used with a remote speaker, its is very ackward to use specially with the leather case cover. All other functions fine, most you can expect with mobile pc; speed, accessibility and it need more support from web server, ie web page format.

  • Aneesh

your exhaustive info for phones is gr8, it would still be better if u cud incorporate the countries the same is already available and what are the contents of the box pack , if u cud have the same sent me for the samsung i700, the same shall be highly appreciated
Take Care & God Bless

  • ellery chirino

This is a very nice and all in phone system i like to get the price of the phone.

  • simeoene

i love ur phones

  • Biyi Adesanya

Luv the look but what does it really do. Would luv a catalogue.What's the price?

  • desmond

plz email me the latest samsung phones

  • aidil

aa....ini dong hp yang kereeeeeeeen abisssss, yang bisa pake fasilitas FREN dan bisa konek video....keren kan ???

  • aidil

aa....ini dong hp yang kereeeeeeeen abisssss, yang bisa pake fasilitas FREN dan bisa konek video....keren kan ???

  • hamid

Just Marvelous