Samsung I7500 Galaxy

Samsung I7500 Galaxy

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  • dave

no radio????

  • Mobilemaster

Oh my God, this phone is awesome!!!!I want to see such a phone from Sony Ericsson too.

  • DADA

nokia chief please wake up, should i join nokia as a ceo.

  • Anonymous

Very very nice looking phone and amazing specs for the price, wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

This phone is way... Too ugly! The design is so... Ugly! I think the G1 and G2 have much better design. Give you an advice! Samsung, before you make this phone... Please, dont be on a rush, improve its design and functioality

  • Anonymous

i want this!

  • Anonymous

Screen size is too small; bigger is better, no radio? Nice but... no cigar!

  • podge

can someone answer these questions;

1. does android support MS Exchange server for emails?
2. can the android OS be upgraded without losing settings/data/apps (like iphone) or does upgrading the OS mean you have to back everything up and reinstall again like on WinMo?

  • chirag

Samsung just amazes me with their accomplishments. The only other phone maker which tries to match their intensity on high end phones is Sony Ericsson.

But Samsung is by far the leader of the pack. Nokia has just become a Symbian Work Horse which is failing to win any more appeal with its same old interface. Move on Nokia.

  • Zav

This phone is going to go head to head with Iphone. With the capacitive screen, 5mp camera, and Android OS, so its definitely going to be one of the best touchscreens out

  • Anonymous

blutooth, send and recieve that's very nice

  • nov

about time samsung

  • Ryo Jin

zombayo, 27 Apr 2009sounds good! finally some promising competitiron to htc! however... moresamsung gt-i7500 cpu: qualcomm msm7200a 528 mhz, 128mb ram

  • zombayo

sounds good! finally some promising competitiron to htc! however, no info on the cpu... REALLY hope samsung didn't underestimate the needs of the android and put some extra power (cpu n ram as well) to handle additional applications...

  • Spyros/Cesar.s.c.

Did you see the reports of a Samsung Omnia Pro. Go to to see it. Even it isnt true its wonderfull.

  • Spyros/Cesar.s.c.

Phantastic phone. The best in the world. Who can hit Samsung? Noone. Nokia + Sony Ericsson = Loosers!!!

  • Anonymous

samsung is the company that can compete now with any other OS system, windows, symbian, and now android. It seems they are growing faster than any other phone company.

  • Anonymous

Wow, Samsung is really going to kill Nokia with all their new touchscreen phone! N97 and 5800 are things of the past!

  • BG

Card slot is up to 32GB and the display is AMOLED

  • Murad Amin Sheikh

Good Achivement Samsung, keep it up.