Samsung I9103 Galaxy R

Samsung I9103 Galaxy R

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  • Anand Sakhrani

Using the phone since its launch in 2011. Heard lots of talk about this model's motherboard having manufacturing defects. Touchwood never been to a service center yet. With ICS, its so far so good.

Seen good and bad times and other phones coming and going while this work horse has tirelessly performed :-O


im using this phone for last two years . im happy about it but i need to update it .. what i do

  • Teya

Hi! I've been using Samsung Galaxy R since forever! Joke! Was glad I got to trade my phone with my husband and been using it for 2 years now. He bought the phone from Taiwan (very affordable) and so far it was really the best phone I had. I am just sad that this wasn't launched in the Phils unlike other units of Samsung (e.g. S4, S5, etc.) I cannot find any phone case for this since most of the stores say they don't have this kind of unit. I wanted to add accessories to my phone but there are no available supplies here in Ph. More of Samsung products please! :) So happy!

  • Baba

shafi, 26 Jun 2014Its awsome experience using since 4 years.... Thanks to it...Aggreed ...m using from 2011 of jan...still i didnt go to service center. :)

  • shafi

Its awsome experience using since 4 years....
Thanks to it...

  • Arun

I m using it since 2011, this phone is truly amazing..processor is fast good RAM, hd gaming is smooth.. Camera was awsome.. I hv clicked pics which is better than 8mp camera fone.. I also hv grand nd note 2 ..pic arent so great in these two phone.. even if I zzoom in thr was no burst... I m lucky to hv this phone..

  • harpreet singh

excellent mobile..has issue about hanging and battery getting down very faster...but leaving it, its the best of the lot..awesome using it from 4 years

  • faust

how to update my galaxy R phone to jellybean?

  • Anonymous

Tanveer, 10 Apr 2014Ple tell me my r is hanging what should i doIt's time to change the phone bro... or u need to factory reset and add only necessary apps.

  • Anonymous

omspeed, 13 May 2014Great phone , it's been more than 2yrs up with this phone , just... moreIts the battery effect bro, kindly change it and it will be back rocking. This baby is a one master piece. Mine completed 2 & 1/2 Years.

  • omspeed

Great phone , it's been more than 2yrs up with this phone , just doing the business of survival with me , lately has started to heat up sometimes when charging , I would like to know whether the battery or the phone defect , I will be glad for any positive inputs

  • Anonymous

Dravidan, 07 May 2014Guys using Galaxy R, can you confirm if this phone supports USB ... moreYes bro it does support.

  • Dravidan

Guys using Galaxy R, can you confirm if this phone supports USB OTG. Am planning to buy one of those OTG pen drives that has both USB & micro USB ports. But not sure if my Galaxy R supports it or not.

  • Kit

Guys this handset is awesome it is just the manufacturer Samsung that has let it down that is one Good thing abt apple though they are arrogant people still they atleast replace the handset within one year with no questions asked ....I still have my handset after 2.5 years it is awesome

  • Galaxy r

Its a good phone to be a basic one.. hangs and hangs and hangs... battery will get over in a span of time. Already changed the mother board of phone... waste of money

  • Tanveer

Ple tell me my r is hanging what should i do

  • Tanveer

natty, 25 Jun 2013hey did temple run 2 runs in galaxy R????Ofcourse tempel run 2 and ozone and Front line commondo

  • Tanveer

Maks, 25 Jun 2013Can anybody tell me which one is best xperia u or galaxy rGalaxy r is best

  • Shankar Patil

Hello All the SGR users I want to know where to get a motherboard for this fabulous phone. I am using this from Feb 2012 trust me it is one GIANT which never let me down till date.... I recently had some issue with network I was not getting signal so took to Stupid Samsung showroom the idiot out there said it's Motherboard is gone, but the fact was it was not gone i took it to the local guy he just removed and did soldering little bit and my network is back but the nonsense charging port is gone so it is like that is a crap I have 2 new batteries which I keep at home for charging and use the other inserted in my phone.. I really hate the Samsung Service centers in Bangalore they are just a really crap... They are here just to make money fit for nothing guys....

  • Tarz

Hi Guys :)...
Ive been using this phone since dec 2011 .. So has been around 2yrs 3months..
Ive been quite happy withe phone .. It has an excellent display, pretty good camera even now,the loud speaker is also very good.. it has handled all the games that ive thrown at it.. ive installed CM 10 on it..
Even though it lags every n ow and then i still love it..:)..
Now ill probably be shifting to G2 but will not sell my Galaxy R.. It has really been my Royal phone...
Cheers to all Galaxy Royal users out there....