Samsung I9103 Galaxy R

Samsung I9103 Galaxy R

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  • Anonymous

Galaxy R better than S2 on gaming since its using tegra2,well maybe.

  • flash

(from sweden)
its very funny because our operator three (3) names a phone samsung galaxy Z instead of typing galaxy R and on the picture .. im wondering its the exact same model so witch kind of phone is this ??

  • jeanboy

Mobilemaster, 09 Aug 2011I really believe, that Nokia will never beat Samsung from now on... moreNokia hasn't had any crown for a while now. Nobody consider's Nokia anyway.

  • SreeThycaud

Hope this new Samsung mobile will give us a fantastic 3G experience .

  • From Khmer

It cannot be compare to my Galaxy S2, better than IPhone4 also.

  • Galaxy S2 User

Moin007, 07 Aug 2011it looks better then Galaxy S 2...battery cover is metal finished??R u mad?
Galaxy S2 is better in camera 8mp and Full HD 1080p, dual core processor 1.2Ghz....where does this Galaxy R is better that S2 ?

I really believe, that Nokia will never beat Samsung from now on! Samsung has become a very good mobile phone maker. They will take the crown from Nokia soon! :)


could be my next phone...

  • Moin007

it looks better then Galaxy S 2...battery cover is metal finished??

Build and TouchWiz UI sucks , i feel Sense UI is the one which make user HAPPY with their device.

  • Cherie

I can't wait this phone.:))

  • Anonymous

a piece of plastic, dual core,s clear lcd and a 5mp HD camera for 440 euros,but the cost of materials din't even reach the half of it's original value...this is a work of a true business man..and not a work of a true engineer...there is nothing new with this handsets..dual core? it new?..(yeah for mobile phones).if that's what you think then think are paying for's just like you pay 440 euros for a hd camera and dual core mmobile processor and a s clear lcd which would not actually reach 440 euros..I would gladly spend my 440 euros for a shock proof or a water proof cellular phone, even it doesn't contain a dual core cpu..then that's only the time you will call it a true work of an engineer not a bussiness man who only know is to earn wealth ...

  • chelsea

this one is good for me, if it's less than $400

  • taz

djliki, 25 Jul 2011pleasse help me about price and relase even am interested in the same: price and release date?

  • Think

Do you know how much is it in USD? I love it if it cheapper than samsung galaxy s2

  • Res268

i hope they did a "Death grip" test on this phone b4 releasing it (-_-)

  • raj

wat is the difference of galaxy s2

  • Anonymous


When is this phone going to be released?is this delayed due to any reason.

  • s3thu

Anonymous, 25 Jul 2011It's not a replacement, it's kind of a 'budget' version - the sc... moreU'll hardly find the difference in the screen!

  • sunny

Phone Xpert, 27 Jul 2011The phone is good but OS sucks! All Android v2.3 have no STK wit... moreWhat is STK and how does that affect the V2.3 Android?What does STK do? Please let me know. Is V2.3 Gingerbread or Froyo?