Samsung I9103 Galaxy R

Samsung I9103 Galaxy R

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samsung man, 16 Jul 2011you living in dreamland or perhaps you are just ALICE IN WONDERL... moreGood try dude......but nokia will go bankrupt if they do that...they have to price such a phone higher than 50000 rs

almost like a cheaper version of S2. here's a feature video of the phone...

  • danish


  • Phone Xpert

The phone is good but OS sucks! All Android v2.3 have no STK witch makes a huge draw back !

  • mobesta

Its So Nice & Have Good Services.
visit tis site too:

  • karl

is the document editor here is free? i mean you don't need to pay anything just to get the full editor?

  • djliki

pleasse help me about price and relase

  • Anonymous

epic, 17 Jul 2011how did u find the cost of this handset in india!??which site??i... moreIt's not a replacement, it's kind of a 'budget' version - the screen & camera aren't as good.

  • Anonymous

any idea of the release date in the philippines? i'm eyeing on galaxy s2 but maybe this one will be a good choice too.. your answers will be greatly appreciated. thanks! :)

  • Sandy

Hi All,
Does this phone has Gorilla display bcoz it is not mentioned in the specification section.
Plz confirm.

Comment, 18 Jul 2011so this is the 2nd gen of Galaxy SL i9003.. if Galaxy S upgra... moreExactly!!

  • jamie cowdery

i love this phone

  • stal

i agree i heart this phone

  • carl scouse

i love my phone so much i would rather sleep with my phone than my girl firend... is that weird? i get more pleasure from my phone when its on vibrate. ps natalie iv got hearts for u .

Does it have USB on-the-go ?!

  • Anonymous

this phone is for sale in sweden ONLY

  • SFAN

someone, 20 Jul 2011this or xperia arc? pleas reply.My friend has the Xperia Arc. Even though it comes with the 2nd generation Snapdragon processor with Adreno 205 GPU, it's still laggy and choppy. I think you're better off with this phone than the Arc.

  • someone

this or xperia arc? pleas reply.

  • Deepu

jus let me wad s d prize of t and is 3g der o not

  • JunePhilippines

SFAN, 19 Jul 2011Why do Galaxy Phones have a weird bump on the bottom back of the... moreIt is where the Loudspeaker (speakers) are located.