Samsung I9103 Galaxy R

Samsung I9103 Galaxy R

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when will it launch in malaysia and how much will it cost??

manu, 13 Jul 2011Finally it is getting launched in India next week. Price 21000 bucksHi Manu thanks for the reply.
but ru sure as yet there is no response of i9001 galaxy S plus yet.

If next week then will surely buy this

  • manu

Finally it is getting launched in India next week. Price 21000 bucks

nice phone what will be the price & when it will be released in india.
also awaiting price & release of galaxy plus i9001.
Want to buy a phone should i go for i9000 or i9003 or wait for these phone.

  • rhony

what's its real name?? sumtyms galaxy z while sumtyms galaxy r... better they wud hav named it galaxy sl2 coz its second version of s2 lyk sl was a second version of galaxy s.... nyways,,, galaxy series provided all sorts f facilities and functions which other companies jst can nly think off,,, again this is goin to rock lyk other galaxy phones though s2 is awsum n is king of all... i saw its pic on the net n found that its back is much better than all other galaxy series,,, evn better than s2....

  • murman

Nuclear Dragon, 08 Jul 2011Which is better,SC-LCD of Galaxy Z or Super AMOLED+ of Galaxy SII?SC-lcd is meant to be a cheaper alternative to Samoled.. so obviously super amoled.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Jul 2011A decent 2nd iteration for the Galaxy SII lineup. Let's hope we ... moreagree i wish they mqake one with physical keyboards i am waiting for that

  • Anonymous

A decent 2nd iteration for the Galaxy SII lineup. Let's hope we also get a fully-fledged QWERTY model somewhere down the line for we who use (and demand) physical KBs.

And hope Samsung keeps this lineup up-to-date with the OS and any fixes necessary. As much as I enjoy Samsung's leading edge technology they've still the need to put proper resources into Android OS updating for those not willing (or able) to "root" their device.

Nuff said.

  • ss

issu on the service side

  • kron

not only 1 bt whole galaxy series is awesome and is holding up sam's market

  • Anonymous

Gayboy123, 08 Jul 2011Samsung just can't make a good phoneAre you insane?? The Galaxy S is an amazing phone. The Nexus S is an amazing phone.
Those are just two phones in the last 6 months.
The Galaxy S II is doing fantastic over seas.
Their tabs are unreal.....

  • shinil

you can play angy birds on ur pc too. go online at and enjoy the game in big screen

  • XCoder

Well, atleast SAMSUNG does its best to a have a device to answer Apple's lineup of iPhones, and it is good to know that we have other choices other than Apple's. Nice job SAMSUNG, I'll be waiting Galaxy SII to be available in our area.

z=zero, 06 Jul 2011why would anyone buy this rubish if there is galaxy SII out ther... moreI would say that this is a cheaper version of the sgs2 designed for people who want to upgrade from the sgs1 and want to try a dual core phone but don't have enough money for the sgs2.they save on super amoled screens for the sgs2 and still sell phones at the same time.a cheaper mid-range dual core option.probably thinking about what happened when they released the s8500 wave year and then had to release the wave2 with the sc-lcd screen to cover the demand.

  • Gayboy123

Samsung just can't make a good phone

  • arul

samsung comes good,galaxy,ace great innovation. apple fans look more upset.good competition........

  • Anonymous

Can anyone tell me one this phone is going to be launched by Samsung??

  • Hani

SAMSUNG just to trying to be somthing in the world with compare to Apple ... there is nothing like Apple devices or even in future!

  • Nuclear Dragon

Which is better,SC-LCD of Galaxy Z or Super AMOLED+ of Galaxy SII?

  • nick

Its tym to say gud bye to apple, blackberry n nokia..... Android kicked out every other smartphone out..... But not a single phone z comparable to galaxy S2 not even galaxy Z..... Its king f all.... S2 is much better than Z n all f u knw y??? But ppl says that tegra 2 z the best gpu.... My dears go n check out exynos first.... U nly will say its better than tegra 2..... Samsung kicked nvidia also for graphics.....