Samsung I9103 Galaxy R

Samsung I9103 Galaxy R

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  • Anonymous

S2 is the best phone on the earth now ,the only one has USB-on-the-go

  • Anonymous

so apple design.

  • Anonymous

Nav N70, 01 Jul 2011I9109 Galaxy z is very expensive.It is a crap . * Breaking News... moreLOL.such a phone cannot exist.oh, i forgot 2 ask: what would the screen resolution of that phone be????

  • Ray

fair enough that the I9001 has better cpu and screen but don't forget all the tegra 2 exclusive games that you will be able to play on this phone and for me that's a huge plus point...i will defo be getting this version :)

  • aarif

NEEL, 02 Jul 2011i was using..SAMSUNG WAVE (not send one.... crap)and i was quite... moreDude go for S2 nly.... Itz a super duper phone n i compared its gpu(exynos) wid lg optimus 2x's tegra 2 n wht i found was that the samsung left nvidia behind for the first time for graphics...

  • Anonymous

yes the add some Xperia arc option

really, nowadays samsung has left nokia way behind. galaxy series of samsung is incredible. specifications, utility tools, looks like a complete media phone for entertainment. 1000% superb phones.

  • marikurabatetekmu

what is the exact RAM for this device?
i saw another website telling its going to be 512mb RAM..
but in here they told us its 1GB RAM..

if 1GB RAM then its going to be the best Tegra2 phone versus Optimus 2x which only has 512mb RAM.

then why 720p only? coz another tegra2 device does support 1080i... weird..

they just dont want Tegra2 is superior than their flagship SGS II..

  • Anonymous

i want this phone because tegra2 and slcd (real colors) and batterie is huge, i love the web browser too

i hope for mhl from micro usb or tv out from 3.5mm

  • rko

its like a old campass box.....
hae samsung just look into d xperia series style n eligance!!!!!

Anonymous, 01 Jul 2011Samsung lovers love to fight. Oh no, not just Samsung, but LG, H... moreI agree with you about the design. They are making in these days boring phones, but at least the specs are far away better than any Nokia smart phone!! Nokia is going down, every normal person has to admit it. They were the king more than 10 years, but now...
About Hyundai, at least they make luxury cars, but Finland are not among the list who makes cars!

syed, 02 Jul 2011i have a choice 2 take a new phone ,what is better galaxys or ga... moreOf course that the Galaxy Z is better, but its not launched yet. It will not be so cheap.

  • vsm

does it have MHL for tv out?

  • syed

i have a choice 2 take a new phone ,what is better galaxys or galaxyz ,and what is the price of galaxyzi9103..........

  • NEEL

i was using..SAMSUNG WAVE (not send one.... crap)and i was quite satsfied...with d fone...superAMOled is just ossam.....and ya got bored wth BADA nw m lokin fr galaxyZ..looks promoisng wth its procesr...but bcoz i hv used super LCD wl nt stsfy m plng to buy..s2...lets c...

  • Annonymous


  • Anonymous

Nav N70, 01 Jul 2011I9109 Galaxy z is very expensive.It is a crap . * Breaking News... moreAre you dreaming?

  • aa

Amazing Phone..............
Compare to s2...
If u Have Low Budget..

damner o0o, 30 Jun 2011hey dude..the better thing in this phone because had tegra proce... morehey dude, if you wan graphic nice for gaming... can just buy a pc or ps

  • nani (philippines)

But how come it is not mentioned in the specs to have a Gorilla glass display? It is important as it will be scratch-proof