Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III

Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III

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This phone heat up too much near the back key. Battery bacup is bad. Camera auto flash is not working after 4 month.

  • Som3aa

s3 is one of the most durable devices. got it 3 years ago and still love it.but honstly, i cant imagine my lovely phone without custom rom. the stock one really sucks (my opinion).

  • medi.jk

software is not working, may be software has blowvn up

  • aleks

Who is better samsung galaxy s3 neo or huawei p8 lite

  • amass

my new sgh t999 cannot pick my sim card. pls what should I do ?

  • jc

Where do I find my sms pin for my samsung galaxy S3

  • Nedim

Samsung has a bad support for users of mobile phones. Example, I had purchased flagship samsung model when it was first released on market. It wasn't cheap model.
As newer android versions arrived samsung has left as to Jelly bean 4.3 OS. They said that performance of S3 with touchwiz interface is not enough fo Kit Kat OS.
Now I see cheap phones from Samsung with half performance of S3 like Samsung Galaxy J1 rolling out with Touchwiz and kitkat 4.4. That phone has only 512MB ram and Dual-core 1.2 GH processor. My next mobile phone wont be Samsung, thats clear :)

  • Britcom

kip replaced a fake charging port and therefore I cant even notice it charging

anonymos, 15 Mar 2016can my battery be in percentage? Sure you should go play store and download battery percentage app

  • mertandroidpoweruser

phone is good but the charging port is having problem and screen broke easily

  • Anonymous

Hardware-Great for its time.
Samsung touchwiz-So bad it cripples the phone.

The best phone for rooting. I suggest Neatrom with Android 4.4.

  • jason

on my2nd smartphone (s3 got it given) ive been using a dell streak for 5 years but dropped it & smashed the screen (gutted)
probely get a s7 in 5 years :)

  • klop

great mobile

  • O'corner

have been using this wonderful SIII for 3yrs+ and still wonderful, everything just great about this phone

  • Anonymous

Nellaibala, 24 Mar 2016one of the best phone that i've used. When i bought this is the ... moreexactly, one of the best phones ever for the time, I was using it untill now.
Now I bought S7 edge, which again I think is perfect- still acceptable large and more powerfull than my home computer :) and waterresistant, samsung rules

  • Tekoiu

mike , 23 Mar 2016Doe's it have the smart remote app There is no IR blaster on this phone => you can't use it as a remote.

  • jas

kay, 24 Mar 2016super phone? it's a joke!this came out in 2012... 4 years ago.

that being said, i still have mine and not a scratch on it and it works great.

  • kay

super phone? it's a joke!

  • Nellaibala

one of the best phone that i've used. When i bought this is the best mobile in the world as clarity, camera, speed and battery. still im using it.

  • mike

Doe's it have the smart remote app