Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III

Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III

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Nedim, 15 Apr 2016Samsung has a bad support for users of mobile phones. Example, I... moreUse custom ROMs like Resurrection remix 6.0.1 v5.5.9 or Nameless & ur s3 will be buttery smooth...:-)

Som3aa, 28 Apr 2016s3 is one of the most durable devices. got it 3 years ago and st... moreHmm thats 100% right...agreed....i'm currently on Resurrection remix 6.0.1 v5.5.9 & it's very stable for daily use....which one u r using?

  • hh

ravi,k, 16 May 2016hi, iam using s3 since 2013, iam buying new phone in samsung, wi... moredont buy any phone if your phone is working well; it increase e-waste.

  • saravana

good but not bad

  • Steven

I don't have any problem with this phone. This phone just doing well for me. People who just get problem with your phone, its your own trouble. You don't take care about your phone. So its not your phone trouble, but the trouble comes from yourself.

  • t black yas

i don't no much about dis samsung s3 i buy one at the price of #26 k. and i get to no latter that is fake.........

  • Joy

I want to buy Samsung s3 tomorrow but with all this negative comments and complain, i will pass.

  • Tissa

I have problem with my Samsung Galaxy S III. When I get an outgoing call and receive an incoming call , within 10 or 12 second, the line is cut-off. No problems with Viber and Skype. What shall I do..?

  • earle131

someone has stole my G 3 is there anyway to track it

  • kulu

Galaxy S3, Music Version 6.0.1 [Multimedia Ul Service Layer] does not work ? any help

  • ravi,k

hi, iam using s3 since 2013, iam buying new phone in samsung, witch is best for me better than s3 , sugest me(i think a5 2016 , note5) witch one is best

  • max

Anonymous, 14 May 2016samsung s3 some time hangi agree

  • Serbian

I can't connect on my network ! Can someone help me ? I don't now what is the problem.

  • Anonymous

samsung s3 some time hang

  • Anonymous

the best samsung phone.. has everything you need !!

  • Kumu

The pattern lock is missing from Security Lock. So please give me the solution to restore the setting. Back


Is Samsung S3 better than HTC Desire 626? Whats HTC photo quality like?

  • Chin
cm13 android 6.0 very fast!! much better!!

  • Hsoe

Mallow, 24 Feb 2016Update your S3: Install the latest CM13 (Marshmallow), it works ... moreCould you tell me please how to update 4.3 to CM 13? Any link?

Hi! Somebody tell me how can i update Samsung S3 android version 4.3 to Lollipop or Marshmallow?