Samsung I9500 Fraser

Samsung I9500 Fraser

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  • Anonymous

It has a flagship specs for 2012 but now it just a mid range device running on Tizen OS. Probably the ugliest first tizen phone by samsung. Samsung Z1 is better than this design.

  • Imad

what is this ?

  • Anonymous


  • Wiki

rishi, 17 Mar 2013Whatis the price oman. Wats d Rate man?

  • Alexinho

Is this a joke?

  • rishi

Whatis the price oman.

  • Anonymous

djronzai from lowyat, 11 May 2012hello , i m from lowyat , i wan to take the first post slotlllllllllllllllloooooooooollllllllllllllzzzzzzzz­zzzz

another failure by samy :D,sailfish os will be the future

  • Andrei

Another N950 type phone, hope seeing it on eBay soon.

if it will run android apps (((((it may))) be successful other than that it will have a worse life even from bada!

  • Feedback to Sam/Inte

Tizen 2.0,all the best OS???.
Feedback for Intel & Samsung: I hope so!!!.

  • babu love u

is it a mobile...??/

  • tahir

is this phone avilable in UAE dubai?

  • PINJ

Its The Galaxy Nexus For Tizen OS

  • shadow

dolly, 26 Jun 2012is it duos No dear its not a duos phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tizen OS will be the next update for bada 2.0 devices... that's great

  • prvi

Mobilemaster, 26 May 2012Guys, you can't understand that Tizen OS is a mix of Meego and B... moresamung make wave in bada os

  • dolly

is it duos

  • sepehr

Guys its best os as developers and samsung are working on has an emulator for android apps so 500000 apps for tizen in version one!!!this os is good i9500 says future is on tizen not on android like an android user but tizen will sure be strong!

  • 73haghat

i saw tizen Os vidoes so its nice and very i think samsung have to work only mobiles look ..and we all c all good wish for them..