Samsung I9505 Galaxy S4

Samsung I9505 Galaxy S4

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  • faysal

> In reply to Hossain @ 2014-04-22 19:06 from u4gD - click to readDonot update software its better for you otherwise maybe you lost your imei.I am facig same problem.

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  • 2014-04-23 20:36
  • 6Q4F
  • Techguy69

Do anyone knows how much bit has this phone it 32-bit or lower?

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  • 2014-04-23 18:31
  • dW75
  • shibu

Only I found one problem its heating too much while running data package or Bluetooth

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  • 2014-04-23 09:51
  • HxfQ
  • Hossain

i have bought GT-i9505 from Germany and now it Bangladesh. so i would like to update Software. but Bangladesh service said me they could not give me any support because they did not have this series software. so, how i will get update software in Bangladesh? please let me know as early e-mail address is

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  • 2014-04-22 19:06
  • u4gD
  • Osaabb

> In reply to Vieira @ 2014-03-08 20:12 from nw4C - click to readbuy nexus 5 only if it is much cheaper. touchwiz is much more user friendly plus nexus 5 speakers are major duds

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  • 2014-04-22 13:39
  • 6PPp
  • Victor C

My Galaxy S4 received the Android 4.4.2 KitKat today ( here in New Zealand)

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  • 2014-04-22 11:15
  • wv%t
  • jacki

> In reply to Hashir.80 @ 2014-04-18 23:38 from wucI - click to readi hav same phne nd same prob.plz help us out

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  • 2014-04-21 23:11
  • uWFa
  • sensenta1981

How do I calculate distance on google maps on this gti 9505 model.does this Google map version got a LAB option?

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  • 2014-04-21 09:02
  • fmR9
  • Anonymous

The reason the sound quality of the S4 is go good (specifically almost no crosstalk with headphones attached) is due to the lack of an FM radio in the device.

An FM radio requires the headset's ground to be used as an antenna. The only way this will work is by creating resistance between the headphone cord's ground and the system ground to prevent shorting the FM antenna.

Unfortunately, since both hp speakers have to use the same ground pin this allows small voltage from one channel to pass across the ground and leak into the other.

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  • 2014-04-21 04:47
  • cNcJ
  • killhell

> In reply to anonymous @ 2014-04-18 16:29 from T3L8 - click to readSamsung galaxy s5

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  • 2014-04-19 12:28
  • 6j7t
  • Hashir.80

I have Galaxy S4 I9505 Black Edition when I try to update my phone via wifi it says that I already have latet firmware but 4.4.2 is available I dont want to update my device manually via odin as it changes the status of the phone I have official 4.3 now Please please help me Reply my comment

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  • 2014-04-18 23:38
  • wucI
  • Ovais1991

I recently bought S4 I9505. When I turn the brightness zero and go on to 'Messaging' or 'About Device' in setting, and scroll down slowly the text gets blurry.
There are some friends of mine who've been using S4 for quite a time now. Ones with I9505 had the similar issue and the ones with I9500 didn't.
Can someone tell me if this really is an issue or not? If it is then what to do? It is a brand new phone.

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  • 2014-04-18 22:39
  • KI6e
  • anonymous

I want to buy a new phone so was thinking of buying s4 because it has removable battery and good specs. Because I want to keep phone for 2-3years. I now have the galaxy ace 2 and the battery holds on for 4 hours. And gs4 has good battery life. But I think that samsung wont give many more updates to gs4. So I thougt I should buy phone with removable battery and with future updates. Which phone should I buy?

Thanks in advance

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  • 2014-04-18 16:29
  • T3L8
  • jonson

I need galaxy s4 now........

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  • 2014-04-18 14:49
  • fm4X
  • Anonymous

> In reply to sasa @ 2014-04-15 22:46 from Sqmh - click to readI9505 is the better one

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  • 2014-04-18 08:09
  • PSwJ
  • akinagen86

samsung galaxy s4 I9505 is the best phone very fast phone thumb up

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  • 2014-04-18 08:06
  • PSwJ
  • xlr max

i bought samsung galaxy s4 last week (1.9 quad core), and its the best phone for me as its higher processor. 13 mp camera(better use in day light only), responsive when opening apps like games and internet, great speed of downloading . specially its 5.0 inch screen. most important it has removal battery which makes it special. great use of air view and gesture. and easy (fun) to use. minor problem little heats up but every phone have problem (like htc oneand sony xperia z non removal cell,iphone 5 small screen , not good for my eye). so samsung galaxy s4 is the best phone ever

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  • 2014-04-17 23:38
  • apP$
  • Redoy

> In reply to sasa @ 2014-04-15 22:46 from Sqmh - click to read9506 has higher CPU (Snapdragon 800)
9505 has (snapdragon 600)

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  • 2014-04-17 07:24
  • 2FYZ
  • walid

PLEASE,what is the difference between galaxy S4 SGH: i337M and galaxy S4 SGH:919M?

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  • 2014-04-16 18:56
  • NtSL