Samsung I9505 Galaxy S4

Samsung I9505 Galaxy S4

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  • Edgard

If you want to know if your galaxy is original ... turn it off and then press the Vol tecle - the Home key and the Power key at the same time, then release and will get a little information,, oppressed Vol + and will be released android image ,,, if you leave the imgen is originalll as it is a samsung imgen own clones does not leave you this ..... after seeing this remove the battery and placing vuelvesela

  • saij

its sim card is not working..

  • Kevin

Im running on android 5.0.1 Clean installation of firmware via odin. So far no problem ,battery last for 8-13hrs on normal usage. Still using this phone until now. No plan on upgrading..

  • Chishti

Assalam O Allaikum everyone!
This is an average phone by Samsung as it's style is good, features are brilliant but its main problem is overheating in low CPU usage and fast battery drainage.
They say it's battery is mAh 2600 but I think it's poor than mAh 1600.

  • p.adh

hi everybody my s4 gt-i9505 is running on android os 5.0.1 and main problem of this set are

over heating every time even after hard reset.....
its barometer does not shows pressure and altitude also there is not any option in test mod.

some settings in camera are also disabled such as ISO,anti shake ...................

any idea to fix these problems??

  • mart

why no data connection

  • Daniel

Cant make a cal or send text

I use this phone as my mp3/mp4 player and for ,making my YouTube videos and for playing games and I love it it is fast easy to use great feature and well supported and is upgradable to android lollipop which is just great the 2GB of ram really helps I love this phone I would have this phone over an iPhone any day

  • Voeller

dave_efe, 28 Mar 2016my Samsung galaxy s4 is not displaying 3g (H+) only E always... moreTry another ROM or change the modem

  • Anonymous

overheat in low cpu usage.

  • Anonymous

Wifi is not working

  • Anonymous

dave_efe, 28 Mar 2016my Samsung galaxy s4 is not displaying 3g (H+) only E always... morebut my galaxy s4 3g is displaying but not (H+) (H)

  • irusha

Anonymous, 29 Mar 2016My Galaxy S4 have no radiosamsung hasnt put fm radio to galaxy s4

  • gulab

Nil92, 27 Feb 2016go to settings >application manager> all> camera> cl... moreSir my phone is not updating to lollipop version


i hate samsung because the memory is a fake
16GB - 9,27GB= 6,63GB

  • Anonymous

asokan, 23 Mar 2016Sir Why iam not getting updates for my phone in India It is st... moredong upgrade OS kitkat and lollipop is terrible

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Mar 2016Mine also shows 9.27GB of memory full I don't even have any idea... moreIt is 9.27GB because they have to use the space put in or install the features of TouchWiz such us Air Gesture controls, etc...

  • Anonymous

My Galaxy S4 have no radio

  • Anonymous

Hamza, 03 Mar 2015My samsung glaxy s4 shows his memory as Total space 9.27GB Av... moreMine also shows 9.27GB of memory full I don't even have any idea whether my phone is original or copy.

  • dave_efe

my Samsung galaxy s4 is not displaying 3g (H+) only E always on edge...