Samsung X500

Samsung X500

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  • Anonymous

it's okay

  • grey

yes, there are to many problems, but he broke too fast :D
but I like his view.

  • rubab nayeem khan

other than PIN codes and PUK codes what are the other ways of giving a password to my cell so that i could maintain some privacy?

  • Mr.Unknow

This Tehphone is nice but as the performance is`sucks

  • st

the phone is okok for non-tech savy user.
but i got one big big problem here.
I'm changing my phone to nokia and i was not able to transfer all my contact from this phone to nokia.
Can anoyone pls advice how? only way is to send my contact 1 by 1 via bluetooth. which is really tedious cos i have over 200 contact.

pls help

  • Anonymous

This is to help 'Jobs'to get back the Roman analog clock display on the cover ofthe fon. What u need to do is, follow these step.
1. Go to menu
2. application
3. press 8(for stop watch)
4. close back the cover(w/out pressing any button)
note: When this clock on continously, the battery life will be shortened.
>>To turn off the clock, repeat the above untill the stop watch mode, press reset and close.
All the above function works on my X500 and should be working on others too with the same software rev.
Rgds& hope it works on your phone.

  • Jobs

please help me.
reply neesed badly!

before this my x500 outer display always show the beautiful classic roman type analog clock but after i sent it for a service, the analog clock only display for about 10 seconds and then it vanished leaving behind only the upper digital clock , battery meter and etc....

how can i make it back to the normal analog clock...

please help me immediately

  • Amanda

I've found that in order to play an mp3 as a rongtone (which means that after downloading, it stays in the Downloaded Sounds folder), it should be below 100kb in size. I used the Samsung Editing Suite (which I got with my X820) to extract the chorus of songs and reduce it to a 64bit rate.
By the way, anyone know whether this phone is supposed to come with any pere-loaded games? Or do I have to buy them myself?

  • Hans

I down-loaded a JPG-picture from my computer with bluetooth on my X500. When i try to open it, it comes with ? what did i do wrong can anyone help me?

  • gambit

does it able to sync the phone calendar with Outlook calendar?
either by bluetooth or the USB cable.

  • Anonymous

Thanks for the explanation.

  • Anonymous

well, its a good-looking phone. Has nice features. But i won't say that its solid. its not as solid as many Nokia phones.

  • Anonymous

Dear user, I just read your review which you mentioned you like the green one! How many options we've got about that phone? and is it a well made phone? Solid?

  • garry

i bought it 4 days ago and i love it. its sick cause it can connect to satellit signal and c onnect to other people. my favourite colour is green

  • Steamy Steve

i love the phone because i can phone my mom

  • Anonymous

i ust bought this HP, my prob is when i send a mp3 ringtone by bluetooth is was save under other do i select it as a ringtone? HELP!!

  • Anonymous

Does this phone come in any other color? and why I can't find this phone in Samsung's website? Thank You "GSMARENA"

  • Anonymous

Please Someone Answer! Is it a solid phone? By solid I mean is the hing loose? Thank you!

  • angelina

i want to know how can i silent my mobile without vibreation in want just when my mobile are silent just have some light without any vibreation???? plzzz help me

  • Anonymous

Its 8 times 0

so the password is

Hope this helps!