Samsung Z9005 Redwood appears in a hands-on video

02 November, 2013

After getting spotted in live photos last month, the Tizen booting Samsung Z9005 made another appearance. This time around, the smartphone showed up in an extensive hands-on video.

The video is close to ten minutes in length. It gives us a good glimpse of the device’s OS, including the settings and notifications menu, as well as the camera UI. See it below.

Unsurprisingly, the OS of the Samsung Z9005 shares quite a few design bits with the Korean manufacturer’s TouchWiz UI for Android. The circular icons on the other hand, hark back to the MeeGo past of Samsung’s partner in the Tizen project – Intel.

Previous reports point that the Samsung Z9005 is a developer-only device. We are yet to see a consumer-bound Tizen smartphone go official.

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