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Sharp TM200

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  • Anonymous

dragonfly, 09 May 200610x bao (again). well i see that sharp made "a budget phone"(eli... moreالها&­;#1578;ف لا يشغل ولا يوجد شاحن واى وصله له mp3


please can anyone tell me how to get through this kind of problem?i bought tm 200 but each time i connect to my pc via usb cable i cant find the fone on ma pc.and my blutooth doesnt work with other fones.eery other things are quite ok.please what websie can i get the softwares to download?

  • Anonymous

yes it does. in asia is sold as sharp gx-t300. anyway i broke the window of the external display. is hopeless to repair this phone.

  • Cos

I have a tm 200 am and It works fine and i heard that this model have an second name. Is it true?

  • Anonymous

the bluetooth only works with the computer ;). read the manual. if you look carefully you can see that you can have the option to send via bluetooth. this phone works with sharp handset manager. you connect the phone to the computer via bluetooth using this program

  • bogdan

i have a tm 200 but my bluethoth is not work. I can't have pictures and music from another phone. how i solve the problem? please help me

  • dragonfly

I use it on orange romania. you won't be able to connect through the dedicated button. in the end you can connect for sure from the bookmarks. the only thing I can't use are the mms.

  • Richard

I have a question for some of you. I also have a Sharp TM200, but I've got a problem when I first wanted to connect to the internet. The TM200 is produced for/by T-Mobile, but I'm using Orange Network. The guy from the Orange Shop who had to configure my phone to be able to connect to the internet told me, that this were not possible, due to a software restriction. So I need to know if this is for real or not?! Can the TM200 be used for internet connections only in T-Mobile Network??

  • dragonfly

it's very rare a motorola without problems, not to mention they are very fragile. never underestimate sharp.

  • bao

Sorry mate. But you are wrong. Sharp phones have great design, and much better features than moto.

  • aleem trinidad

shrp phones are not that good loking and far from even coming close to moto phones very little fetures, and very bad looking phones, we think that sharp should stick to making every thing els than phones. west indies trinidad ..

  • dragonfly

amr as ringtone doesn't work either on this phone. so the easiest way is to use simple midi's as ringtones, don't complicate your life... so... i chand it with a panasonic x700:)) now i have a powerful operating system with working bluetooth and irda, and accepts a lot of applications. (btw it came with a software that helps you do panoramas or interpolate up to 1,3 megapixels), i put mp3's, and wav as ringtone:P and of course you can see movies on it or record your own unlimited

  • ice

I have a problem with the ringtone. I know I can't set Mp3 ringtone but can I convert it to another type of file ? who can show me which type of file does TM200 support? I see some midi and SMAP file in My music. but I don't know how to convert from mp3 to SMAP

  • bao

the bluetooth of tm200 is limited to only use with handsfree. It can't transfer files to other phones or pc. It's just like that. :/

  • TitvsC

my bluetooth dosn't work on the tm200. i can pair to other bluetooth phones, but i can't send or receive any file!! can anybody help???
what could be the problem?

  • brahman

Most Java 2.0 games work fine with the TM200. I think the ones made for motorola phones work fine for it but the ones made for SonyEricsson phones may not work too well.

  • brahman

When I listen to MP3s and turn off the MP3 player the phone still works fine. I think something might be wrong with your phone.

  • dragonfly

after i listen music (mp3, mp4) i can't use the phone function. it dials or it receives calls but i can't hear any sounds. does anybody else have this problem. after i restart the phone works fine (but if i listen again music i have to restarted again if i want ot talk with somebody)

  • Anonymous

Sharp TM200 does support IMAP4 protocol?

  • jancker

Great phone supports sd up to 1gb.