Siemens CL55

Siemens CL55

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  • Anonymous

> In reply to tommy vercetti @ 2005-04-16 05:19 from BiH7 - click to readits the thought that counts

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  • 2009-05-26 22:09
  • PEGY


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  • 2006-03-06 00:35
  • n1c{
  • tommy vercetti

a friend of mine want it but i dont now if its to expensive please i want to know the price     I love you mom 

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  • 2005-04-16 05:19
  • BiH7
  • Ahmad

Pleas Done in the Price Mobile
Tank you

  • Catherine Prindilus

Where can I purchase the siemens CL55, and how much does it cost.

  • Abilio Marinho

dear siemens
does the mobile phone cl55 have voici note that alldws to record up to three minutes.thank you,please answer as soon as posible in yes or no.

  • Anonymous

hey...checkout alcatel new phone..ot835 its like phone from the future with 256k & 65k screen...

  • Anonymous

no integrated cam? bad....

  • JEFF

may i personally introduce myself as a buyer in store am intrested in buy this siemens cl55 and i will be very glad if u can treat this request very urgent

  • Pham Vu Toan

I really like it.
I hope that it has long stand-by and talk time.
When does it come into Vietnam' market?

  • Femi . A. Salahudeen

pleace i the price siemens CL55 to sent to my email address as sonn as posible

  • kumo

very nice phone
so value
will it be available in vietnam? and how much is it? Hope it wont be so expensive like cl50

  • innocent olatunde

I want to have some of your goods.can you send me how to buy them?.

  • innocent olatunde

i just want you to give me more details about your compeny.

  • kartik karani

detail about camera not given otherwise sleek light weight model.

  • wsc

Looks like a very nice phone with 65K color!

  • Anonymous

mercedes-benz CL55??

  • Swod

A pure shit? What's your base to say that? What are your arguments?!

Strange phone from Siemens, at first it looks like those Samsung phones....

  • Anonymous

a pure shit!