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Valius, 08 Jan 2011There is a lot of information if you look at http://www.siemensm... mores30880_s7460_a100_1

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ace, 29 Sep 2010Where to get a new one? I would like to have it again.Try here:

i have use this phone for over 3yrs today .this phone has lots of drawbacks like can't play mp3,poor battery,very slow an freezes a lot but despite this shot comings i still like it because of durability an connectivity.Dear siemens s65 user i must comment dat this phone is the best for those who are out has a longer life span more than any phone u can fine in the market today.

  • Valius

Anonymous, 30 Jul 2008How to update the Firmware F58.There is a lot of information if you look at

  • ace

Where to get a new one? I would like to have it again.

  • Anonymous

It's about the 3rd time i write an opinion here about this particular phone. I want to say that despite entering it's 6th year of usage and the 4th year of my ownership my dear old s65 still holds well. The only criticism I have is the somewhat modest battery life, otherwise though, it's an impecable phone. It doesn't have great multimedia capabilites, nor did it impress in this array when it was launched, but it is very classy, it's design is all bussines with a dash of descreet ellegance, and it still has top notch organising capabilities, which allthough standard today were a high praise in mobile phones of yesteryear. Other strong points include excuisite microphony and sound quality and key ergonomy very well above average. Also, the quality of the actual materials is absolutely wonderfull, even by today's standards. It's no secret that Siemens phones had problems by the time the S65 hit the market, and it shows very well: the poor battery life and mediocre to average signal strength hurt the sales. It was also to damn pricy when brand new. But this device is far from being declared unusable. Whith short interruptions when i switched to other phones simply of curiousity about a week or two, I have used my mint condition second hand S65 about 4 years, and it's still going like a jaggernaut. Also, among other Siemens phones, I have bought and sold repeteadly about a dozen S65's from different lots of production, ranging from worn-out ones to almost new units, including a rare mint SP65 non-camera model. Neither has broken down and are still being used by their owners in car kits. So, to all of you siemens haters, yes, the famed german mobile manufacturer went bust, but it's products will still provide telephony service to die-heart fans.

  • Gorrilex Ugand

fumes18, 01 Jun 2009i have oneI have had a Siemens S65 for nearly four years now and it has not disappointed me at all. Well, lets say its battery is not the best, and its keys fail once in a while, but its the best phone that ever left German Hands! Will the Germans give us another like that?

  • Anonymous

Great phone, I got it today four years ago (June 6)

  • fumes18

Aamir Khan, 18 Jan 2009where i search for free S65 Pc Suiti have one


From 3 year I have this best fone :-) N1

  • arief

join the biggest siemens community on Indonesia. Find solutions for your problems around Siemens :)

  • Archiel

I'm Indonesian.
I have problem about my Mobile, ofcourse about siemens s65.Where I can get new battery in indonesia?because I had looked for it in my city adn it's so difficult.My baterry was very low bat.And I wanna get the new one.And how much it is..
Thank you very much for your attention.

  • dragan

i have one it is fantastic mobile phone

  • Anonymous


my phone siesed to on/work, how can i get it work?

  • Anonymous

alex, 08 Oct 2008how can use the mp3 music please explain me the proceduresi have being having problems with my internet setting and any time i want to go online there is this information that csd connection failure try gprs but still i don't get it please friends can you help me out am from ghana it will be my greatest pleasure if some one helps me out

  • Aamir Khan

vivien, 10 Dec 2008the phone keeps on going to divert even when i dont ask it to. h... morewhere i search for free S65 Pc Suit

  • Anonymous

I've had one of these wonderful phones for more than 4 years, the battery has finally given up and the local banch of "Auto page" tells me they are no longer avaliable.The battery only lasts a few hours now and I have resorted to a Samsung but there is no comparison. I'm devastated, can you help?

  • vivien

the phone keeps on going to divert even when i dont ask it to. how can i stop this happening all the time please

  • Anonymous

it's a good fone, that you can trust on, but it is f*cking slow...
and it can't play music (mp3,mp4) either :(
the pictures aren't so good either, compared with the motorola v3 0.3 mp camera...
I bought a nokia, i would never buy it again.