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Siemens SF65

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  • Den - Den

Anonymous, 12 Apr 2008I've had my SF65 for three years now and had no problems with an... moreDid you find a solution to your photo download problem ? I am having the same difficulties despite using the supplied CD to set 'Mobile Phone Manger' on my PC. I am running on Windows Vista op. system which does not support the SF65 and windows cannot find a driver update. Following the manual instructions to transmit photos via eml, SMS, MMS or IrDA does not work on my phone, so Im stuck with photos which can only be viewed on the phone !

  • Den - Den

Richard, 10 Nov 2006i think its a great phone had no problems what so ever but tryin... moreHi Richard. Wud love to know how and if you solved your pictures transfer from your SF65 to a P.C.
I have installed the Mobile Phone Manager from the provided CD but since Windows Vista is not supported the transfer process does not complete. I've tried using the direct methods i.e 'Email', SMS, and MMS also iRd - but the manuel steps seem not to work ?
I know its a long time ago you posted your concern but if you do read this, I would sure like your views.

  • houda

how can I use the camera of this phone ? every time when I try I found the massage"turn the sceen to launch the camera?? what that means? thanks

  • carlsinogine

i like dis. but more options and a wider screen should be added.

  • Anonymous

David, 16 Nov 2010I have a number of photos that I would like to download from the... moreHi David,
I used the infrared to send photos to my laptop using an infrared USB adapter. Choose your photo, go to options, send via, IrDa.

  • David

I have a number of photos that I would like to download from the phone to computer - but feel a bit stumped.
Have not yet found any download software.
Can anyone advise please.


  • Anonymous

this phone is absolutley awful siemens you cut yourselves out the market when you produced this complete and utter failure

  • Anonymous

why is it sayin imsi failed ????

  • ru

Is there any method or software to copy contacts from phone memory to SIM card or to computer?
PS this phone seems to be a big mistake.

  • cynthia

i lost my battery to this phone but cant seem to get some any where, did u stop making the phone and its assesories? i need to knw

  • Anonymous

I had this phone... It suuuuucked big time lol... Couldn't wait to replace it... The screen kept going white and blank around 3 months after I brought it... I'm kinda glad they discontinued it

  • Augusto Santos

the worst phone I bought

  • håvard bakke

why does it say " wrong IMSI " in the display on my siemens sf65 mobile phone? can someone please help me?

  • Sad Woman

I hooked my phone up to my pc now my phone screen is blacked i was trying to put the pictures on how can i fix it or where please is there any one out there that can help

  • Anon

I to would like to no a simple way to download my Siemens SF65 photos as i am having great difficulty in finding a straightforward solution

  • Kristjan

About getting the photos to PC, the easiest thing to do is to transfer them through infrared. Many laptops have infrared ports and I bought an IRDa adapter for my pc, which was 4 times cheaper then the cable. I've only had that white screen for 2 times in 3 months, so no problems with that

  • Anonymous

I've had my SF65 for three years now and had no problems with anything but trying to get my pics off and on to my computer. I think this is an impossibility as I've never read of anyone actually managing to do this.

  • hott71

Yep, i've had the sf65 for a few months now. After 2-3 weeks, all the problems started to come in, i.e. hang/stopped, white blanc screen etc. I would often have to take out the battery to 'switch' it off. Then, i switched it off and kept it for 1 month, I used another hp i had. I took my sf65 out again to try it. Its been working fine since.

Not sure what i did but here are a few tips;
1) i deleted a mms i kept i phone memory.
2) i always delete useless sms. free up space.

After taking these 2 steps, everything is fine now.
And i agree, although the sf65 is short in features, it sure is nice to hold, good feeling, and nice looking.
Always a turn heads ppl want to have a look at it. Pretty rare in Malaysia.


  • bubaqru

i have this siemens but the same problem as many i had when i turned the screen it comes all white and in our country no one can repaire it who can help at this problem plss email me pls some one help me repair my mobile becuse its a very nice mobile

  • steve

my sf65 broke.i have tried getting its cable connecting screen to keypad but havent succeeded.pliz advice