Sony Ericsson K508

Sony Ericsson K508

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  • ALVI

realy sony ericson mobiles are excellent. k508 such a superb mobile, it was mine first mobile.. i cant forget this. still i couldn't find mobile like that..

  • Tayyab

Was My 2nd ever mobile phone I used in 2007, was a very impressive in its era. no one could beat it. I LOVE IT...

  • The Doctor

K508; great phone, can anyone help me get a user`s manual ?

  • bharat

Ravi, 17 Aug 2012I have been using K508i since it was launched. The voice clarity... moreHi Ravi, where did you purchase this mobile. Is it still available in market.

  • Ravi

I have been using K508i since it was launched. The voice clarity is awesome! Other phones in this range cannot match.

  • Anonymous

i use it year ago it is very friendly phone....

  • Jan Helge

Back on my phone its K508i (missed the "i"??)

  • m.i.a

old is gold.

  • Jonas

and if you want to know if this mobile can acess to internet yes it can acess to internet

  • Jonas

i hate this mobilephone it sucks the joystick are the worst in the whole world 1 of 10

  • Anonymous

i kinda like having difficulty on liking this phone the memory is too small and that includes the messaging.. and can this phones accessible on internet?? can someone answer???

  • millspice

can k508c send mms or can be internet activated? pls. someone help ...

  • madbut

its quite ok in terms of design,features,only the memory is small and the music volume is not much loud becauise i want it louder but for the price its very reasonable.

  • hera

I've had this phone since 5 years ago and I liked it but why do it now mms can not be used, I've tried to move it to another mob and his road mms, how to handle it?

  • cadet very first symbian phone...feels like it was just yesterday when i got hold of this's like a dream...huge display, MMd support, add on apps, wav and mp3 music, games(if u know where to get the apps) and surpasses lots of other mobile devices at that time...The experience i've had with this phone will stay in my mind forever! probably not long from now i might even get a 2nd hand k508 to re-live the experience! lolx...a 2nd k508 in my country

  • shekar

hai friends sony ericcson is a excalent mobail.becous i can use this mobail ,all songs,vedios ,mp3,reccording also every one in thise mobail .this is a smallcomputer.
ok!see this mobail by.

  • ricky

I have used this phone for 4 years too..
I think it's a great phone 'coz I've never get a serious problem with this phone

  • Anonymous

very bad, not worthy

  • soul

this phone was my third phone in my life and I used 4 years so I think this is a good machine.

  • Anonymous

Same here. Have been using for more than 3 years. Dropped it abused it. Still runs on the original battery. A damn good phone.