Sony Ericsson K550

Sony Ericsson K550

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Goale, 24 Jul 2015K530 is better than this phoneNo. K550i has an auto-focus.

  • Goale

K530 is better than this phone

  • chinky baba

i am also having this phone, but the mobile not getting charged and not able to start the mobile i like the mobile, plz need suggestion to get it started.

  • nicko

I am also stil using this phone since 2007. It works great and never gave me any problems. The best phone I ever had. Extremely intuitive and easy to use.

sanket, 21 Nov 2014i want sony ericsson k550i.Why? I have one K550i.

  • sanket

i want sony ericsson k550i.

  • vikas

I also use this phone since august 2007 and it's still working great.. the best phone I've ever had!

  • dima

kartik83, 21 Mar 2014I have bought this phone at May 16 2008& still using this ph... moreI also use this phone since 2008 and it's still working great.. the best phone I've ever had!


hey friends try to flash your mobile phone with setool lite, but to do this u have to get a firmware, but it is too easy

  • VRH

Can't I store messasges to memory card?

  • anon

Draga, 25 Mar 2014Hello, I have this phone type and I am very happy with it. Howev... moreHi
I had the same problem and it's fixed by shutting the phone down

  • Draga

Hello, I have this phone type and I am very happy with it. However, from some time ago, the phone does not remember the missed calls or any calls that are being made. Could you please help me resolve this problem? Thank you very much, I appreciate it.

I have bought this phone at May 16 2008& still using this phone.This is really very nice phone by SonyEricsson,I also have samsung galaxy y but i still use k550i as my primary phone.
simply the best, Thanks SonyEricsson.

  • Joey

I still use this little gem i have tons of phones i upgrade every year but i still have this phone as my primary and new androids as secondary

  • Anonymous

Chuks, 20 Apr 2013Waw, wat a litl smart phone Yes! you said it perfect in just a few words! I just love this little piece of engineering craftsmanship!

  • Ricardo Solana

"Smart phones" came and went into my life, but this little lovably phone is, all the way, the smartest phone and piece of engineering that ever fell into my hands. It is almost 2014 now and I still have a private number for it since I intend to keep it working as long as the own phone wants to. Everything is AMAZINGLY EASY to do on this phone, thus I can really claim it to be a truly SMART PHONE, unlike many others that came after it, even today. I just love how functional and reliable it is, and I am sorry I cannot update anything on it (the camera, etc.) but never mind, it is still my trusted companion, and hopefully, for many years to come yet. Thanks Sony Ericsson. I just do not understand why you did not include in your subsequent phones the refined and smooth operating system and features you achieved on this one. Now I also have a Xperia ZL, quite a wonder itself, but I will always keep my K550i running... :)

  • Murataldin


  • Anonymous

hi sony
i am using you from 2007 dec till date without any problem and a wonderful model with love and like options a very good user can handle k550i forever with care and action a good show from sony keep it up....

  • ADW

i used my sony ericsson K550i since 2007 until now, although having camera problem i'm still love this phone, i will kept it, very best phone ever. Thanks sony ericsson.

  • svetislav

I have K550i but lost PIN.Can you help me?