Sony Ericsson W580

Sony Ericsson W580

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  • Anonymous

AMCC, 21 Oct 2013One of the best handsets I´ve had so far. Very pratical an... moremy name is elorine email is got the ph from cousin but but to connect to wall plug for charging is difficult the insuting plug is round while orthers is flat how can i charge it a w580 sony ericsson

i have a sony ericsson w580i and my keypad circuit is damaged and cannot be repaired...i have kept a passcode when the phone starts and now due to damaged keypad i cannot type the there any other way to unlock my phone???please help!!

I have an unlocked W580i purchased from Hong Kong, voice and plain text messaging works ok, but I cannot receive MMS picture messages via MEdia Net on the AT&T network in the US. I can't figure how to set it up to do this since the menu options are different than with the AT&T branded version. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks.

  • Aaa

Im using this mobile and the phone heats up when surfing the internet. The microphone is a problem the other side cant hear me its like i rate the sound 2/10 and sending of messages is so slow, sending multiple messages the phone says no network coverage even i have a full signal. And when i put themes the menu icon doesn't change. It just changes the wallpaper. What's wrong with my mobile? I bought this in taiwan.

  • rahul

phones really good

  • Lucky

I've had it since 2007, the sound and the player was always the best. There was even a feature, in order for the player to change the song, all I had to do was shake it :-) I still have it, it still works perfectly good. I only use it for music though :-)

  • Zamablaze

I have owned this phone since 2007 until some fool stole it from my room this year. I loved this phone like no other. Had owned another SE before and now 1 of my phones is an Xperia mini but this SE is still my favourite 1. I loved the old SE layout and themes that change with every menu. The lights on the side that flash with the vibration and ringing. Sony Ericsson before the standardised Google OS. I miss it. that distinct Sony Ericsson feel.

I was just cleaning my cupboard when i found this device lying under some stuff. I have this phone since 2008, the first phone i got. I really loved it especially the LED strips on both the sides (the main reason i bought this phone for :P). I have many memories attached to it. It was working fine for 2 years till one day when it just wouldnt charge. It was giving some troubles before, it wasnt that major but that day it just wouldnt recognize the charging pin connected to it. Even the headphones were not working with it. The guys at the service centre could not repair it so i bought an iphone 4. I wish i could repair it... anyway just sharing this thing

kartik83, 21 Mar 2014Yes this is one of the best phone, i am using this phone since ... moreI agree. And while I have never needed to replace the battery, I have dropped it too many times to count and it has yet to break. There were just a LOT of dents, scuffs and gouges on the housing. I said were because I replaced the old white casing with a new red one. And now it's pretty again:)

Yes this is one of the best phone, i am using this phone since November 2008 and still using this phone,i really love picture quality, music quality & speed of this phone.
Only thing is to get its standard battery which is too costly (2400\-Rs)which i have purchased once but it worth it.

  • rajat

realy this mobile is very good I used it.

  • nobody

OWL IV, 24 Aug 2013Since I'm having this phone for (5) years, I'm a special reviewe... moreits very true. I used that phone for a year. Is one of sony ericssony's best phone. to what mattered most was the speed of its kind...

  • Anonymous

AMCC, 21 Oct 2013One of the best handsets I´ve had so far. Very pratical an... morereally the best !!

One of the best handsets I´ve had so far. Very pratical and confortable, it´s display exibits one of the best color rendering and viewing angles of any of the handsets I´ve contacted with, the operating system will surprise some Symbian and even Android users with a simple and cleverly designed interface, radio sensitivity and mp3 audio quality are quite good, and batery life does not compromise at all. Using it for 4 years now and I still prefer it to my android LG.

  • OWL IV

Since I'm having this phone for (5) years, I'm a special reviewer!

Main advantages:
1.Design, mobility, durability
2.User friendly & logic software
3.Generally good camera for still pictures
4.Very good display quality
5.Acceptable sound through speakers
6.Comfortable & well lit keypad
7.Pleasing quality of earphones
Main disadvantages:
1.Very bad charging/handsfree port, which soon result in disability to charge the battery & listening to music.
2.Not possible to charge the battery & listening to music at the same time.
3.No reliable battery capacity, but whole service life is good, but battery replacement is easy
4.Takes about 3 hours to be fully charged
5.Internet browsing has some annoying problems
6.No sign or alert for new events in standby mode
7.No good games
8.Slight noise on earphones during playing music

Relatively good mobile phone, but no good walkman


I love so much these mobile brand.
That's so cute.


  • rachi

is this mobile still available in stores to buy? in india or us

  • khrozolt

it is a very good phone fo the muzic lovers!!!! n the camera is satisfactory...but the real prob is with the battery!!!! newaz its mah fav !!!

  • esi

this phone is the best for photo and loading browser i have 3 of this

  • Abe

Sony ericsson is comendable. I love it more than any phone. How can i read my download text?. When am brousing the net, my phone most atimes prompts me to download the page instead of opening the page. When i do so, the saved downloaded file does not open rather, it prompts me to send via bluthoot or email.