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Sony Ericsson Xperia ray

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my xperia ray software update is not available now on new version of pc companion plzzsz fix it or suggest other way plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Anonymous

Frustrated, 07 Mar 2016I wonder if anyone can help me please. I am experiencing messa... moreI would try the repair mode in the sony xperia suit

YnG, 14 Dec 2015Nope. It IS upgradeable.yes i upgreded it in 2013 and it worked perfectly

  • ququng

Compare to my redmi note 4g, i'm still using ray to capture a photo. The photo look more virgin and no fake.

  • Frustrated

I wonder if anyone can help me please. I am experiencing messaging problems with my Sony Ericsson Experia ray. The battery recently got drained due to a faulty charger. Since then the battery has been recharged but the phone is failing to open messages. I get alerted that I have a message but am unable to open the message. If someone could tell me what to do it would be very helpful. Thanks

  • stanga molix

I need help to update my phone

  • I am se lover

I think this is a good smartphone. I had upgrade my ray to ics 4.0.4. however its. has small internal storage, but the sd card that can up to 32gb. I installed many apps and game. I can play hd game like modern combat and huge game (2gb) like nfs most wanted smoothly, however I must close other running apps to optimize ram. I like the design, and other greatests ability of this phone.

  • theo

the definition of value for money phone

  • ali

viswa, 28 Dec 2015hi i used this phone for last 4 years but now only i face a prob... morehi'you must change it's LCD

  • viswa

hi i used this phone for last 4 years but now only i face a problem that if once the display off means, not able to get it back, i cant know who is calling but i attend phone and speaks.. then switch off for half an hour and ON then i get display i use my display OFF time was 30minutes. Battery drained soon but before this problem i use for one day for (call,Net,Game too) can any one give suggestion for this problem.. mail me :
(I rooted my phone to access Tamil language.)

  • YnG

Anonymous, 08 Dec 2015Correction: it's not upgradable to Android 4.0.4, just stuck at ... moreNope. It IS upgradeable.

  • Anonymous

Correction: it's not upgradable to Android 4.0.4, just stuck at Android 2.3.4

  • mikepapa

As a a new user of Xperia:
This is a FONE - but, there is no easy one stroke access to the fone to dial out.
We see no way of storing notes as in previous SE "notes".
Any ideas?

red 2, 07 Nov 2015cannot update whatsapp even have 95mb free memory... any sugges... moreRoot + Link2SD Plus to move entire applications to sdcard...
Currently on mine I have: Hangouts, Maps, Gmail, Fit, OfficeSuite Pro, Photos, Slack and several more.
It's not a fast phone, but it performs ok :) (great, considering that it has 4 years)

  • priya

its great...

Bought this mobile way back in 2012. After using it for three years here is a small review.
. Is very compact and light.
. Audio output via quality headphones is fantastic
. Best in class camera
. Decent battery back up
. Good display screen with fine legibility.
. Very low memory (Both RAM & HDD)
. Battery backup low for 3G use
. Got heated on prolong use with 3G networks
. Not good for medium gaming, would stutter even when playing Subway surfers.
. Random crashes, ringtone ringing
. Not many apps could be updated (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, were affected)

As mentioned above, I purchased this phone for the camera and music. I installed Winamp for Android and had excellent output. The backside camera was excellent in daytime shots, but had noise in low light conditions. Also I could not install more apps, because of very low memory of 420MB. Hence updating of apps was out of question. Also you cannot install new apps if you had low memory of less than 100MB, from the play store. You had to download from third party sites and install the apk. Facebook, Google Play Services apps simply drained the internal memory and RAM. 1 GHz single core scorpion processor was sluggish with new apps and upgrades (Android 4.0.4). Being not able to upgrade to 4.1 (Jelly Bean) too was disappointing. The handset used to heat and battery used to drain faster when used with 3G networks. Of late it had become too slow and very sluggish. Hence decided to upgrade my handset with a new one. Atlast!

  • dan

i faild to download apps

  • sajith

Used for almost 4 4n for me

cannot update whatsapp even have 95mb free memory...
any suggestion besides buy a new ones?

  • Mengkorkor

Bought 1 for my son few years ago,he like it so much,but kena virus,anyone know how to clean the virus ?