Sony Ericsson Yendo

Sony Ericsson Yendo

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  • Nis..

Anonymous, 02 Oct 2010its delayed and release date is now 10th oct confirmed just a we... moreThanks for ur reply... Shall i knw frm where u came to knw abt this.. As i am diehard se fan i have to knw the things as fast as possible... Plz tell me..

  • Anonymous

Nis, 01 Oct 2010Why this phone not released yet.? Q3 ends .. But still not relea... moreits delayed and release date is now 10th oct confirmed just a weak and it will, be in stores

  • Nis

Why this phone not released yet.? Q3 ends .. But still not released.? Whats wrong with it.

  • gaurav

is sony ericcson yendo better or nokia c3
plzz help me

  • Anonymous

No Wifi?????? Are u serius?????????

  • Anonymous

I dont think it works without GPS

  • anon

This set should be not above 7000rs

  • Mike

I´amazed that so many expects every phone to have all the newest specs, contain all possible functions, even if it´s the cheapest touchphone out there, it´s supposed to be as fast as the most expensive?
It looks great IMO, for the money!
If you want better, there are options you know...

  • ali

good phone. camera 2 megapixle. it should be a 3 megapixel.

  • Anonymous

Sony Ericsson has now stuck to the ‘Communication Entertainment’ consumer proposition - the pinnacle of what the company has been working towards since the start of the joint venture in 2001 – the true fusion of communication and entertainment.

The Yendo is another attempt to standardise the UI across devices and platforms. The reason the UI is pretty similar to Android-based X10/X8 is because the company wants phones to carry the 'four-corner' and other features regardless of its OS.

  • sebastian

il tell you something, i have had enough of this bull shit. this phone was got to be the biggest waste of time in the world, i bought it and the first thing it did was break on me.

messi's leg injury has nothing to do with phones so i dont know why it is brought up on numerous occasions.

on a side note, who makes this website? it is absolute shite, it tells you nothing about the phones themselves.

yours sincerley seb creed.

  • wake up SE

nothing special of SE now

  • Sandy

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2010what I want to know is why it appears to be running the exact sa... moredude..X10 mini has andriod os but it has Sony Ericsson customised UI. and may be it looks somewhat like Yendo.

  • smire

I believe for music is this Yendo good better than nokia 5230. But price is in start too much...

  • Anonymous

what I want to know is why it appears to be running the exact same interface as my X10 mini pro which has android...

  • Bruna

This is only an answer for Lg cookie, samsung star, samsung corby, nokia 5530 and motorola a1200. After thoose mobiles, sony ericsson decides to do a basic touch screen phone. Can you see? Colored jackets as corby...

  • Anonymous

5MB internal? 156Mhz proc? That IS harsh. This'll be priced handsomely, too, most likely.

  • Anonymous

156 MHz processor? hahahahahaah

  • nano

this phone looks great.. had a walkman fone before and i was amazed with its performance. great music experience.. but are you sure about its spicifications..? espicially the internal memory.. its kinda too small.. i dont think that se will install that kind of memory..

  • Anonymous

2.6 inch touch? that is too small...
cpu is toooooooo slow.....