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plz i need someone to help me makeup my mind witch xperia to buy E1 Dual or Acro S specially for internet using plz replay asap
thx in advanced

  • Binura

Anji Iglea , 24 Jul 2014What is the compatible SD card for Sony Xperia Acro S? I tried ... moreawsome phone. hv JB and works just fine. only problem is the battery,it's getting hot like hell. may be itz because iyz waterproof. overall this phome is impressive.

  • Anonymous

how can i watch video on facebook in xperia actros.this phones cannot open the face book vidio files .expecting reply .......

  • ?

james, 07 Aug 2014It's been how 3 months now since my acro s died(dead boot/hardbr... moreHow did you do it?

It's been how 3 months now since my acro s died(dead boot/hardbricked) anyone here who has the same case with me?and successfully repaired their phone?JTAG is d only way but boxes doesn't support it, I can't go for motherboard replacement, is that possible?

  • apolop

best ker re?

  • Hussein

Hi guys, any body has an idea to why while using the phone it rudely pops up the 'android system' on the screen and the phone just shut down. I've been having this problem for a while now and hope to get a solution here. Thank You

  • froilan

sony acro s is waterproof? and how long it takes to use when it is under the water...thank you for your incoming reply

bro how did u remove the batery?
as i know the battery is non-removal

  • Anji Iglea

What is the compatible SD card for Sony Xperia Acro S? I tried SanDisk Ultea 8GB. Did not work, don't know why? --Anji

Hello I dropped my sony xperia acro S into water and I realised that the water has entered the battery. I dried the battery but the phone is not turning on. Also I am really concerned about my SIM card and memory card, it supposed to be waterproof ? What should I do ? Is there a solution ? Please reply quickly and thank you.

  • Earlpatgar

I accudentally upgraded my acro s to JB. Just because i notice ics is getting slower so what i did is to plug it in my pc and use pc companion and repair. But what happen is software upgrade. Jb is fine but not fit to acro s because too much lag! Anyone can help me to flash it to ics again. Ics run smoother than jb! Please help me post ur comment here including the tutorial step by step and pls link aslo the tools software here. Link it ols. Thanks

  • donchucks

Husslla, 15 Jul 2014Please, how do I force restart the phone when it hangs or refuse... morepress the volume up+power button together for five seconds

  • Husslla

Please, how do I force restart the phone when it hangs or refuses to on showing just the Xperia logo since the battery is not detachable? A quick reply will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  • tech

Jorrin, 20 Jun 2014I've been using this phone for 2 years now and its the best phon... moreJust use ALWAYS class 10 or better if you get one micro SD with phones. (This is more tru for 8GB+ memories)

  • Anonymous

how can i upgrade my acro s to JB? without rooting the phone. thanks.

can someone tells me if its okay?

i have a problem with my housing. i want to change it. is it possible? because the lower back casing is already jammed. and the top cover for the 3.5 jack is also broken. can you please help me. please can you also give me the idea how much it will cost. thank you

  • Jorrin

I've been using this phone for 2 years now and its the best phone if you look after it.I reset it after 2-3 months because it has got a 16 Gb external and internal and that will make it a bit slow but overall i love this phone the shape, size ,camera, walkman, water resistant except battery life

Junji, 17 Jun 2014Get the z2!z2 is a flahship phone right now usually I dont buy flasgship devices I wait for them to depreciate because it's not wise to buy them its a waste of money since they are not too different from previous flagships. Im looking for a perfect phone for me but Cant find one. battery life is the first thing I consider when buying a phone second is a BIG storage since taking photos and recording videos in a high resolution consumes a lot of memory so big storage is a must.

lastly the design, I didnt pick s4 since its a cheap looking phone.

Kaye, 14 Jun 2014It is a very good phone :) but.. when i was playing a game it su... morehaha dont worry the battery is just drained. Plug it for a while like 10mins and you can turn it on again...