Sony Xperia E1

Sony Xperia E1

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  • Sony user

Had this phone for more than a year. It's overall very impressive based on the price. Recently the touchscreen died. Not sure if this is a quality phone or not..

  • Edje

Had this phone for two years now. Still working great. Not the fastest and not the best camera but overall great value for money!

  • Anonymous

Abbie, 31 Oct 2015The phone storage is awful. It keeps saying insufficient storage... morePlease install an sd card and install an app called Es explorer to manage the apps on the phone's internal memory. Hope this helps you

  • dinesh

it's superb phone. soo superb contents..

  • Anonymous

keiji kazuto, 06 Sep 2015i've own this phone for almost a year already.. it's aint that b... moreMy phone is giving problem, it cuts the calls, don't notify me of messages, do you think it will be better after upgrading it to kit kat?

  • Anonymous

Chabeinstein, 02 Feb 2016Lil fone is great for medium basic features n even ... moreWatchingIis kitkit

  • Tobetsa

lost most of my Apps,can't reload them,keeps on saying installing but doesnt get there

At loudspeaker test team says score
" Very Good " but the table score is
" Average "
Which one it's true?!

  • andy

i had this phone for less than a year and its giving problems
it does not wanna go on it says all apps has stopped...what do i reboot all the time and all apps is updated

  • Vas

I am sick and tired of this phone, had it for last 12 months, so slow ,slow and slow videos get frozen games get frozen very negative experience problems with wi fi

  • Mike

I've had this phone more than 1 year now.. Using this phone only to replace my broken iPod.. And so far the phone works great! The sound is good, the battery stands long enough (6 days-9 days), it fits into my pocket..
Overall I am satisfied this little phone..

  • Anonymous

Had this phone for over 12 months rubbish worst phone i have had very slow.

  • Chabeinstein

Lil fone is great for medium basic features n even better after updating to KitKit online

  • Anonymous

Sometimes this phone does not notify when a message is received.
I have to go to the messaging app and check it manually. :( :(

  • Anonymous

Can anyone tell me how to on forward a received message?

  • Jack Sony

after filling batrey new full charged in 3 minutes use for fuel or open the facebook already lost power batrey 2 % from 100 % especially if full of fuel or facebook 30 minutes 30-40 % batrey reduced its solutions provide master .. thank you very much

  • Anonymous

Probably the worst phone I have ever owned, it was good for the first month or so, but then started to go downhill. It wont allow me to answer calls, read/send messages,or turn on the phone without a lot of hassle, it"s overall very bad, and a waste of money, I've had this phone for 8 months and I am getting a new one this week because I'm so frustrated. I've resorted to using my iPod, only using my phone when I have to and using my friends phones if I can since I cannot do anything with it. Must say though I find the battery life to be quite good.

  • mary

Can someone tell me how i turn on the mobile data in this Phone?

  • Anonymous

I have had this phone for about a year now, and it isn't good. When i first got it, it was really good, but after having it for a year, i can only have 2-3 apps installed, the phone wont tell me when someone texted me (I have to go onto the messaging app to see if someone texted me) and its really laggy in general. I wouldn't recommend this phone.

  • tallman73

The phone is too slow even after trying to reset, its bad choise