Sony Xperia miro

Sony Xperia miro

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  • therese

i had a problem with my sony experia st23i phone. when i opend it it only ends up in experia word. it really not continue .. what would be the solution for this problem of mine?

  • Bolcna

I had this phone since 2013 ( it was new ) and it's til working like first day i bought it. It was newer factory reseted and there is 0 lag. Only down side is low storage space and screen resolution :D

Good phone if you are looking for a phone with basic functions.

I have been using this phone for 3 years now , DO NOT BUY IT . Yes , maybe it's a good starter phone for kids but for people who uses phone a lot , this phone is horrible . It's small so it's easy to put in and reach it in your pocket . The camera sucks , audio is muffled , it is really slow , overheats like hell even though i was only using Whatsapp , freezes twice a month which forces me to remove the battery and put it back on , battery life is horrible for example you charged it until 100% and went sleep it will be on 75% . The plastic cover is very easy to be scratched . Camera sometimes also doesn't open , Android doesn't response sometimes and due to the small storage , you can not even download one game or update your apps because it's full even though it says there's a few hundred MB still available . Believe me , if you are buying this phone for long time use , DON'T .

i owned this phone for like a year and a half now. for me the screen resolution is good, the size is small so you can easily put it in your pocket and you supposedly be able to reach the entire screen with one finger. my main concerns are the front camera is only in VGA so you can't expect much, it is so easily lagging, and the one i can't stand the most is the very low storage memory. i don't save much photo (the size aren't so big anyway), i don't save many songs and/or videos, only a few, yet i could only download 4-5 apps, which are the most necessary only. even after freeing as much memory as i could, the phone could barely have any storage ready. i can't believe i had to unininstall one app just to install a new one. there are external memory but you can't install app to external memory right? sorry for ranting like this i just feel quite dissapointed with the performance. 2 star out of 5 from me.

  • nader

mobil start on but flat tuoch donot working and icannot use it

  • bolcna

I found this phone yesterday (it was my first android phone) ,i rooted it, uninstalled bloatware, installed custom rom (it works good with original rom but with cyanogenmod...) and now i use it as my secondary phone. Only thing that i have to complain is bad screen resolution and low storage space.

This is my first android smartphone in 2014. This smartphone is in middle-end spec during 2013/2014. The performance quite good during that year. I am still using until now, even though I have new smartphone. The only problem with this experia miro is, it is lagging too much..haha..

  • ganesan

My first android phone Miro. Till to good working without receive and music speaker. Battery life is good performance.

  • Anonymous

Andon, 23 Oct 2015My xperia miro is death can't start when i am charging it only b... moreSony Xperia miro it is nice to use but one thing it never show data network.

  • Anonymous

BhanuSA, 22 Nov 2015I'm using my xperia miro since April 2013 . It is still pretty ... morefor better photos install camera FV5 app

  • Dennise

Can anyone tell me how to enter USB host mode..?
Can this device use OTG flashdisk..?

  • rain

i used it for more than 2 years, this is a good one!

I'm using my xperia miro since April 2013 .
It is still pretty good .
It is not much of a high performance device yet great for day to day work .
Battery life is still so good after 2 years .
Camera works well in day time but not at night .
Audio out put is mediocre ,
Good phone for someone to start with .
Sony has done a good job with this phone :)

  • Anonymous

David, 15 Oct 2015Why I can nit use Whatsup? Please helpTry installing Whatsapp after freeing memory. I too face the same issue, but after uninstalling few apps, and tried. Now it is working for me.

  • Anonymous

san, 08 Jul 2015can we install lollipop in this miroNo you cannot.

  • Ajeesh

deo, 08 Sep 2015anybody knows how to fix with my miro cp, i can't use the camera... moreTry to update your android version to solve this isssue. This issue occurs seldom, but you can fix it by just restarting the phone.

  • Charitha

This is the good phone. I used this phone from 2014.

My first smartphone , a good smartphone.
It's nice if you want a smartphone to start.
It takes nice pictures with 5MP.
Video 480p it's acceptable!
I recommend it if you want to buy you're FIRST smartphone.

  • Andon

My xperia miro is death can't start when i am charging it only becomes hot i cant start the phone help!!!