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Just got this yesterday.

The box itself was big, unlike other phones that comes in small compact boxes. Many accessories included in the box, including USB car charger, wall charger, HDMI cable, 2 smart tags and headphones.

The phone itself is beautiful. I changed from Samsung Note to XS. I would have to I prefer XS many times compared to samsung note.

Battery gets charged to 100% from 2% in less than an hour.

Anonymous, 19 Mar 2012Are u sure ders no nfc tags? sony boxes has a "hidden"... moreThere were no tags n hdmi cable with mine alot. Got it from Saidi Arabia

  • Memo

xperia s, 22 Mar 2012Come on guys lets vote this phone to the 9s again because it rea... moreWell....I'm trying but obviously Sony fans are not enthusiastic enough...also shamesung fans are being pasterds and trying to screw Xperia s as they are so jealous that this is obviously a better phone and will be the king for now...

  • xperia s

Come on guys lets vote this phone to the 9s again because it really deserve it.

  • xperia s_2012

well i have had my xperia s for over a week now and i can say that the phone is excellent , however the battery life was poor at first but after a week of use the battery is lasting more hour e.g. the first few days i was only able to get 6-9hours, but now im gettin 16+hours of battery life which is good that is with 5hours of music, 5-10mins of browsing, 5-10mins of playing games, internet radio 20-30mins etc. the display is just good you have to see it to believe it. calling is clear,sound quality is good. over all i am happy with the phone and would like to thank sony for doing a great job,the thing with sony its worth the money you pay for it as my previous phone which was the w810i , i was able to use it for 6 years and still working! sony = quality.

., 21 Mar 2012You can also set auto kill frequency and auto kill level on ATK ... moreThats not good, you risk the taskkiller always closing stuff and android open it again, its an evil loop that will FOR SURE drain your battery. Ok if u have Android 1.6 or something, but on 2.3 its bad. And 2.3 always closes apps in the background, it has weak multitasking anyway, the apps running in the background are just in a preserved state, not really running, they consume no battery. But a taskkiller surely consume battery.

Leave background apps open, Android 2.3 will close them for you (closed to a preserved state where they are not running). When 4.0 comes you will get a native android way to close apps, i already seen it on SGS2, its no chance it will be automatically opened again when killed with the native killer.

  • Noel

Spec was good, something missing: Card slot? this means can't upgrade the memory? games, movies requires more memory to save.

  • Anonymous

i love the specs of this phone and i'm planning to get it. i think the battery life is the main problem with android phones because of much process usage.

  • uptownman

Just bought this phone few far i use few model such as galaxy S,galaxy S2,LG optimus 3D.this xperia S is the perfect one....Camera 12.1MP....internet browsing fast...somemore can direct access to your LCD TV using hdmi worth to buy......

  • abdu orange

wow this phone vry nce ilikit

I just go mine today in white and it's simply amazing in all aspects as it has been always the case with SonyEricsson and now with Sony. My first device was X10 from the Xperia family and they've come along way to make this phone. I'm sure the saga will continue for many years to come. It's enough to say that this company stands out differently and not copying other companies ideas. I have iPhone 4s and it's a really good phone with all the good applications that gives it a high value...however when it comes to the android, Sony is on the top.

  • Anonymous

does this have 4G or LTE service

john12, 21 Mar 2012Hi, You are from where? Asia? India? ThanksI live in france. buy phone in Portugal. 529 FNAC


PHONE IS PERFEct but should use s4 chipset instead of s3

  • .

andi, 21 Mar 2012Install "Advance Task Killer". From time to time, you ... moreYou can also set auto kill frequency and auto kill level on ATK so you dont have to open task killer to close apps in the background.

  • Anonymous

Samsung trolls have downvoted every phone to get back into top 5. They're going to start downvoting Xperia S next. As I write this comment, votes stand at 8.7, 8.7, 8.7.

Would be interesting to see what happens next.

  • Anonymous


i want to know is this phone can make 3g video call without using such application like skype, fring...


  • Cityred

andi, 21 Mar 2012Install "Advance Task Killer". From time to time, you ... moreThanks Andi

  • chandu

hello guys,

Is there any exchange or buy back option for sony Ericsson mobile,bcoz i am having Xperia neo v (6 month old ) and i am planning to buy Xperia S

  • Krish

Amazing man... Definitely worth of buying... Love it... As a Sony lover, defnitely u will love it... The music is as usual rocking in this mobile... The music is the best part of this mobile according to me... If u plan have a second thought... Get it immediately... :)