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  • shah

i think gsmarena love Samsung, not Sony. Until now they have not do a review about this phone, just do a user interface. or you waiting for this phone get ICS? We waiting!!!

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  • 2012-03-18 06:55
  • IWcP
  • PHILIP21

I just buy Sony and HTC product..period...

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  • 2012-03-18 05:00
  • t7xj
  • Anonymous

this is already out right? GSM arena where is your review?

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  • 2012-03-18 03:31
  • v0qJ
  • Aycaramba

> In reply to Agence... @ 2012-03-18 01:08 from LhMG - click to readYou are funny, mate. If you are going to use your phone just for calling someone and send SMS, you don't really need a smartphone, let alone Xperia S. A Nokia 1100 can meet the needs you have mentioned.

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  • 2012-03-18 02:18
  • 95q3
  • kalika

Can anyone please tell me when is this phone releasing in India and what is the price?

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  • 2012-03-18 01:55
  • vI7x
  • Agence...

> In reply to Mikey @ 2012-03-17 16:22 from fuKi - click to readI think the phone is good. Very good. If u just call and send sms then the phone is ok for a day. But if u r a heavy user, then I will advise u to look some where else, Because the battery is really not good.

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  • 2012-03-18 01:08
  • LhMG
  • king

> In reply to rco @ 2012-03-16 20:58 from 04UJ - click to readGalaxy game over and now start Xperia turn. Xperia mint l, galaxy s lll and Iphone 5

Coming soon, 3rd quarter.

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  • 2012-03-17 17:05
  • t1$E
  • Mikey

Guys, I need to hear from someone who has the phone. Without comparing it to any phone, what do you like about the phone? What don't you like about it? Would you recommend it to anyone? What could have been done better? Thanks.

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  • 2012-03-17 16:22
  • fuKi
  • moodi6

I have had this phone for a week now. absolutely brilliant phone. I got mine on the 3 network in the UK, it came with HDMI cable and smart tags in the box. The user interface is the best. Sony has actually been bothered to desin their own UI and its absolutely brilliant. BEST PHONE EVER

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  • 2012-03-17 16:02
  • 3JhF
  • From Chile

Hi I'm from Chile, my question is if the team Xperia S is the good is bought to you here in Chile with the company Movistar here are some teams released?? and how I would go around with shipping included.

Waiting for a prompt response from you, thank you very much ...

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  • 2012-03-17 15:28
  • PcJp
  • HKR

> In reply to MIR @ 2012-03-16 19:36 from mhRs - click to readNo pal, battery aint good at all. It dies in a day only but i am loving the phone. Worth keeping it.

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  • 2012-03-17 15:24
  • 6QbA
  • sekhar

i wanna buy this mobile......will it be good for rough usage? and what about battery backup?

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  • 2012-03-17 15:19
  • utx7
  • Anonymous

> In reply to Mobilemaster @ 2012-03-17 14:37 from Lax6 - click to readNo, it will not compete the Xperia S, its a other segment for the quadcores and the dualcore.

Second, the Xperia S use a year old CPU and GPU but very optimised and beat all other in its segment.

So, the SGS3 will not compete the Xperia S.

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  • 2012-03-17 14:46
  • 3KX%
  • Mobilemaster

> In reply to [deleted post]I think it will compete with the Xperia S. The S3 is rumored to have a great battery. Only time will tell the truth. Samsung's flagship could be announced early next month.

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  • 2012-03-17 14:37
  • Lax6
  • yahya

> In reply to asad @ 2012-03-16 09:26 from t}HP - click to readI would go for Sony xperia s tbh. The sensation xl is single core 1.5 whereas xs is dual core. it will be faster. Xs can shoot 1080p videos whereas xl only 720p. The battery last longer than the xl despite whether its on 2g or both instances its faster. so i go for xs... and plus the design is that of beauty

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  • 2012-03-17 14:28
  • nIat
  • zader

Overpriced (

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  • 2012-03-17 14:12
  • dMK5
  • Adam

Guys thanks for the answers, although I've heard the opposite, the quad cores will actually save battery life since they wont be working all at the same time. It depends how much you're using of them! So if 2 is all what you need to be working, it will act as a dual core. Again, this is a rumor I heard not sure of it either :)

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  • 2012-03-17 14:08
  • S902
  • manoj

i am waiting 4 tiz because it have 12mp camara and dual core and it have sexy look

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  • 2012-03-17 13:36
  • vIw7
  • romeo88

xperia price range in SINGAPORE ???

can ny other xperia use BOx app to storage use ???

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  • 2012-03-17 13:08
  • PUBr
  • nikks

i want to know will this phone will work in japan with simcard of japan ..?

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  • 2012-03-17 13:02
  • 2x5Z