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Sony Xperia SP

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  • HazZ

Dont buy this phone. Toatally waste...heat problem...lagg...too much battery capasity.... dont buy this phone

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  • 2015-03-29 19:33
  • uuT}
  • Silviu

Hi! I'm the one that posted comment on 2015-03-26 21:56. I managed to save my phone and I will tell you how I did that. Firstly, when pressing the power button, the phone blinked a red light. It would not
turn on. I wanted to flash stock ROM, but the phone would not be detected most of the time. When I got green light sometimes, after a while, the phone would disconnect and reboot. So this morning I tried again and got a blue light (phone was in fastboot mode). I flashed the boot.img file of CyanogenMod with Flashtool. The phone would still not turn on. So then I reconnected the phone to my PC and leave it. Didn't know what to do anymore. After a while I noticed a pattern: green light, Sony logo, reboot, red light. This process kept repeating. I remembered about recovery mode and I took my chance. From there, I did the usual wipe/reset and installed from sideload a new version of CyanogenMod. Now my phone is working again.

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  • 2015-03-29 18:58
  • mAQx
  • AR3AZ

i want to buy this

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  • 2015-03-29 12:15
  • rx2i
  • nayon

I have camera problem.after 15 months later camera is not so do I fix it.

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  • 2015-03-27 20:37
  • X{XF
  • Jit

> In reply to 32Years old virgin @ 2015-03-22 21:15 from t1$B - click to readI am answering you question from Sony Xperia SP, that you have purchase copy sp of Sony bcs it has 5.8gb rom

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  • 2015-03-27 10:43
  • X{cv
  • Anonymous

I do not recommend buying this. Phone easily overheats and lags. Front camera is terrible. The back cover is very flimsy. No upgrade to Android KitKat or later. I unlocked the bootloader and tested different ROMs. Not one stable version of Android did I found. After flashing and using CyanogenMod Nightly, my phone is bricked. It turned off by itself and now won't even charge. It just not worth it. I should have bought Moto G instead.

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  • 2015-03-26 21:56
  • 3cwd
  • janilek

The front camera is reaaalllyy bad...the rear one is pretty good thou...its a little slow but stil awesome

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  • 2015-03-26 16:21
  • 3bpe
  • Anonymous

> In reply to Ghost777 @ 2015-03-23 18:07 from LfDb - click to readOld News... People still complaining,,, Buy Z4 Flagship of the year 2015!!!

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  • 2015-03-24 22:38
  • IbxE
  • Ghost777

Nice phone I wanted to get one for a while but then I found out that it is stuck on Android 4.3 and it's not upgradable anymore. Android 4.3 is the worst Android version.

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  • 2015-03-23 18:07
  • LfDb
  • old user

> In reply to patboy @ 2015-03-20 15:30 from PSw{ - click to readafter using for a long period of time i want to ask you how many of you are using different roms in this mobile, how good is it to use different mobile availabl
is it stable to use lollipop or other roms

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  • 2015-03-23 14:25
  • rAfA
  • Mr J

Dont buy SP since it is outdated.
Check oyher options like E3, E4, C3 or Samsung A or E series.

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  • 2015-03-23 05:18
  • v}Qm
  • 32Years old virgin

Bought this from flipkart. The phone looks like a toy (looks good in picture). The camera is a shit .some chienese phones have better camera than this ****. it has heating issue another thing free memory is4gb not 5.8gb

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  • 2015-03-22 21:15
  • t1$B
  • M.S.Y

> In reply to patboy @ 2015-03-20 15:36 from PT}D - click to readThanks man.... So does otg and mhl work on Cm11 or not I really love SONY UI So is there any hope that I can get SONY lolipop UI ported for XPERIA SP...

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  • 2015-03-21 08:01
  • 6P6G
  • patboy

> In reply to M.S.Y @ 2015-03-17 10:54 from KIgi - click to readRootur fone unlock the boot loader. Install twrp ten download cm12 googleapps the put it in your memory card. Turn off the phone. Go to twrp then. Wipe data wife cache partitionthen wipe the dalvik.then intall cm12. Add zip intall google apps.done. but i heared cm 12 gota lot of bugs try cm11 m11. This one works great.

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  • 2015-03-20 15:36
  • PT}D
  • patboy

> In reply to gontier123 @ 2015-03-17 13:00 from msq0 - click to readSorry. But its not. Try cm11 m11. Now my fone is a real beast

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  • 2015-03-20 15:30
  • PSw{
  • gontier123

> In reply to ambrose @ 2015-03-16 22:33 from PxsT - click to readIt's not upgradeable to lollipop. The latest android which is supported is 4.3 JB.

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  • 2015-03-17 13:00
  • msq0
  • M.S.Y

> In reply to ambrose @ 2015-03-16 22:33 from PxsT - click to readYes it is upgradable thanks to Cyanogen mode12.... I dont know how to upgrad...
Anyone here huid us..

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  • 2015-03-17 10:54
  • KIgi
  • suomynona

> In reply to ambrose @ 2015-03-16 22:33 from PxsT - click to readNot officially. Latest (and final) official firmware is based on 4.3 Jelly Bean. You can, however, install 4.4.x- and 5.x-based 3rd party ROMs (visit or search the web for those), if the bootloader is unlockable on your phone (inform yourself beforehand).

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  • 2015-03-17 10:40
  • JLZs