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Anonymous, 27 Dec 2015my xperia z is having speaking problem. it's not giving any soun... moreTry factory reset phone

  • Anonymous

my xperia z is having speaking problem. it's not giving any sound but the alarm rings. it also works when setting notification volume levels. so, i don't know why but playing in the music or video app doesn't give any sound even when playing videos on youtube or facebook. if this is a software problem please fix it quickly Sony.

The Sony brand itself is pathetic in installation of new product. They have some worst service center which never picks up your call and customer care will also not have any clue that if installation will happen or not. They will only say that sir we are trying but will never be able to try because the service center guys don't listen to them. Waste call center

  • dharun

Nice phone works good in lollipop 5.1.1 nice battery backup..... no hanging problem........good sound quality........ back camera nice but front camera want to little improve....... good phone for this price....I am using 2 months

My experia Z gets hot wen lm using it,like brousing n other apps.

Can some1 plz explain y?just few minute then its hot,cant even use say your experaia is hot,let it cool down.

I love this phone so much.

  • Ed

Just updated to the newest software 5 days ago and my phone battery suddenly died out of nowhere. the battery level is very erratic and it cannot be used or turned on without being plugged to the charger

  • Ed

Just updated software 2 days ago to the latest version. Updated and it Worked for a day now it just died. I dont know how to explain the issue. I am not sure if its software or hardware but just curious if any of you also have the same problem

  • The Godfather

have this phone since it came out, dropped it countless times, it has not broken. i've even threw it on tiles and it hasn't cracked a screen. this phone is a beast!!! i've dropped it in a bucket of water intentionally, yes it still works flawlessy!!!

ignore all those trolls saying the screen cracks easily, what a load of bullocks.

only con is the battery only goes through a day under heavy usage, but if you make the odd call or two, it'll last two days easily.

Sony is very good with its consumers, they offer the latest lollipop android on this xperia z!

thanks Sony for being awesome~

  • Anonymous

Had the phone since they released it, only dropped once, and I kept the software up to date. It has warming problems for the last year, battery life pretty poor, and has finally kick the bucket - sensitivity problems with the screen and difficulties at times with it charging.

  • roy

Screen of my Z is flickering too much when I press slightly higher than normal.... not only the screen.. When I press in the two sides (downwards) it continues to Flickering..
What should I do?
Need experts advice

  • spartan

1. battery needs to be charged frequently for it drains too fast and would heat up badly
2. photos are too bad especially when taken at night or in the dark
3. it is durable on the other hand
4. good sound quality for sure since it is sony by the way
5. overall rating, iphone, htc, and samsung works better

  • Anonymous

I have been very disappointed since I bought the sony xperia z. After upgrading the android version, the call dialer does not work well; calls keep disconnecting every time I make a phone call. I also sometimes can't use cellular data on my phone and even when I can, not with all apps. Sometimes the phone just goes off and it also heats up! The camera is also terrible after upgrading; the images are all hazy and taking pictures at night is just a waste because it's like the flash does nothing! I am very disappointed and definitely won't purchase any sony products ever!

  • jawad

Sony is Great forever im using my xperia z for 3years no problem no warming or anyproblem ...keep your phone up to date...

  • explorer 76

BE WARNED! Sony waterproof ratings are not as they advertise
Sony repair shop is biased and Sony funds them..water intrusion and phone was used within all perimeters of the manual, yet the repair shop reported a port must have and recommend no replacement! These are uneducated and poorly trained technician from further investigation and Sony has terrible customer service.. Much like a bad insurance company the only deny your is simply not a waterproof device.

  • mittu's great phone....but u have issue with my camera lens from beggining since I have bought it....I have thrice replaced through company,but still the condition of lens same,specially night photoes are very bad.. Like it's been taken from 2-3 mp camera......and also as some's get too hot...after continuous 1-2 hour use.....and Sony neeed to improve led flashlight for better picture quality at night....and last but most frequent complaint of most it's battery life.....needs frequent charging...

  • owner

By now I have it for half year and it's going very good no errors, no problems, much better than HTC.

  • velu

using phone and battery totally gone and switch off the phone, then place the charger and try switch on its not working. please help me....

  • Joe

No Matter what you throw or throw it this thing will take it, had it 3 year's, it's never missed a beat. Yes, it's getting old and out dated, but it still manage's to put dull moment into a great one, Screen isn't a strong point but is sufficiant enough, speaker is okay and profomance for 2016? It won't be awsome but it'll get the job done.

  • temi

i used it since 2 years.superb phone

Device build is flawed with covers for charger and sim becoming a nuisance, screen randomly cracked one day and no touch worked ever again, Sony seemed to know this was an issue and replaced the device without ever requesting the original back... same issues with new device so traded up...

Apart from that strong performer, might of gone for later models but got annoyed with crappy Android delays.