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  • Anonymous

Stunna Jnr., 31 Dec 2013What is the use of a phone when it can't store your captured ima... moremake sure you have an sd card in the phone. mine had the same issue until i reformatted my sd card

  • morriskays

I would wish that you let the people know about the prices and if possible some can purchase either online or any other means,,,,,,,,,,,,,,thank you,Morris

  • Jantzenn

Bought this phone in Aug 2011 as the smallest smart phone I could find. Only one issue that was quickly resolved when the screen plug got disconnected. Cost me $20 to fix by a local phone repair shop. It has been durable, and reliable. I think I'm wearing it out because I find I hear better if I use the speaker-phone feature rather than the ear piece. I plan to keep it as the pix are good enough for my needs when I occasionally photograph a part, place, or person. I use a camera for real photography, not the phone. I recommend it for basic needs with a small footprint in your pocket.

  • Stunna Jnr.

What is the use of a phone when it can't store your captured images or even record a video, can't play downloaded videos or mp3. this phone is driving me crazy

  • Anonymous

Poor resolution, tiny internal memory, slow, but otherwise a pretty reliable and durable phone. I bought it outright for use on prepaid a couple of years ago (already outdated), and have had no issues, while my wife has had problem after problem with other android phones. Small size has made it barely noticeable in my pocket all this time. Great backup phone to keep around, but at some point Froyo has started to become a limiting factor.

  • nicky

this phone is junk I have had it now for 2 years this is my 4th replacement poorly made extremely problematic avoid this phone it was free they couldn't pay me to take this phone again

  • Ginger jin

The phoneis very very good but one thing is I cant view my images n videos now so how can I do now please....

  • pax

how can I unlock this phone

  • Anonymous

pls dis phone does NT want to play PES and also I can't. see details radio. please. were. is it ..

  • Anonymous

It does not play some videos and does not show some pictures too,to be frank many of my videos and pitures are blindfolded....what should i do?

  • Gabby

Honestly this phone is alright only problem is that you can't download certain apps and you can't watch videos on fb so I mean for a starter phone it may be alright but not if your old enough to have a better phone and know how to take care of one

  • swaggerboijay

Bluetooth is no more working. I tried the factory reset but the problem is still there.

  • nathan

cliff, 22 Apr 2012In charging , when the light on the top turns to green it means ... moreNo when the light turns green that means the device has been charged enough to go through the day

  • nathan

819dragon, 19 Aug 2012do not get this phone people it lags really bad all the time, an... moreYeah I had this phone for 2 months and it started to get very slow and it turns on and off when ever it wants. Not a good phone at all!

  • nathan

harri, 08 May 2013The fone is too slow n keeps restarting authomatically.can some ... moreDo a factory reset on the device.

  • harri

The fone is too slow n keeps restarting authomatically.can some bodi help me wit increasing it performance

  • Face

It hangs automatically when am on call n I keep on receiving sorry the application andriod stop unexpectedly,same 2 watsup.pls I need help

  • Asiana

A video was sent to me in a text message. Does anyone know how I can move the video to my SD card or upload it to my computer??

  • Anonymous

How can I send music from my phone to another phone through bluetooth.

  • dpryme_mic

How can I send music to another phone through Bluetooth