The mysterious BlackBerry Slider poses for close pictures

04 March, 2010

The first clear images of the BlackBerry's pioneer slider leaked online. The mysterious device sports touchscreen, optical trackpad, sliding full QWERTY keyboard and runs on BlackBerry OS 6.

There is little info about the specs yet since the prototype appearing on the pictures below had a faulty battery and couldn't power on. However even that battery turned out to be unseen before in a BlackBerry device. Its model is FX-1 with 1050 mAh of capacity. We said unseen, not impressive, right?

BlackBerry Slider

The guys over at CrackBerry did some serious digging and they've found spicy info buried into the website. The 9700a UAProf document shows a portrait resolution of 360x480 pixels (not 480x360 pixels like the 9700), BlackBerry OS 6 and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Despite having a touchscreen, the BlackBerry Slider won't pack the SurePress technology we came to know from the Storm family. Wild guesses now suggest it will join the Bolds, but who knows what RIM are really working on.