Tizen 3.0 spotted running on a Samsung Galaxy S III

11 September, 2013

It seems like it will take forever for Samsung to announce an actual smartphone running its Tizen platform. However, this doesn't stop the company from making new versions of its home brewed mobile operating system, as screenshots of the new Tizen 3.0 OS appear in the wild.

The new batch of screenshots don't show any drastic changes to the user interface. Samsung and Intel continue to steadily develop their joint project but most of the changes seem to be happening behind the scene. Most notably, you can see the Windows Phone-esque approach to the icon design, as well as Android-styled lockscreen clock.

The phone app remains clean and simple as usual, but not much except for the dialer has been shown so far.

All screenshots have been taken on a developer edition Samsung Galaxy S3. Despite the lack of an official Tizen device, both Samsung and Intel show no sign of slowing down the development of the OS.

Samsung promised in early 2013 that it'll release "multiple Tizen devices" this year, but despite some small snippets of leaked information, we haven't got anything yet. Here's hoping Samsung and Intel will have a device running the latest version of Tizen available by the end of 2013.