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Toshiba TG01

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I have been used a phone which is a T-01A(TG-01),6years more.
and i want a more T-01A as my backup.
I think that it's better than i phone 3GS.

  • Anonymous

very very cool

  • percy

manu, 25 Mar 2013plase given toshiba TG01 moobile touch can whatsapp b downloaded on this phone and how do i gwt user name and pass microsoft


toshiba tg01 can i download whatsapp in my toshiba tg01 please rwply me

  • Nicky

Gabriel, 11 Aug 2011Very GoodHw can i chage my phone,frm dutch to english

  • manu

plase given toshiba TG01 moobile touch

  • QAIS

how can i download sowftwere for my tg01

  • yoyoma

Berat Jakupi, 19 Jan 2013can this phone upgrade to windows phone 7 or more ?no

  • Berat Jakupi

can this phone upgrade to windows phone 7 or more ?

  • Lambada

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  • Lambada

lalala..hahaha nice..

  • Anonymous

malayna , 26 Jun 2012i think toshiba TG01 is rubbish it dosent work propally my phone... moreYes, I agree with you!

  • malayna

i think toshiba TG01 is rubbish it dosent work propally my phone was on charge all night and it last 2 hours i recommend you dont get this phone

  • da stormtrooper25

ridiculous,insane price tag!
That price only suits 4 veteran flagships,such as nokia E90.
N for current flagships,such as galaxy nexus,iphone 4s,etc

Too many drawbacks,tooo many!

  • Anonymous

the main drawbacks about this phone are having lack of capacitive screen, less battery capacity,less responsive motion sensor, problems of gps, otherwise the phone is excellent its hardware and steardy scratch proof body is beyond compare,only nokia hardware can be compared, no effect of minor jerks shocks. my phone felled hundred of times but no damage done. it also got drenched twice but still working. responsive touch, excellent graphics are advantages. the wm 6.5 was only os at that time we can also change it to android, wp7 other problem can be solved by flashing better clean rom by visiting different forums like xda.

  • someone

those who have bought this phone should get a refund. its rubbish terrable and unreliable. it restarts for no apparent reason and when u want to close a programme u have to go to task manager... and theres no other way.
buy this phone if its very cheap and your desperate to HAVE a phone but if u have a choice leave this one last!

  • kavlor

jmtj, 28 Jan 2012Does it have an market/ app store?You can use Microsoft marketplace and have one.

Does it have an market/ app store?

  • Anonymous

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