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Toshiba Thrive

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  • Majed

This is the 1st Tablet that supports External USB input that I am aware of.

  • Ashley delavane

Please get your facts straight if you are going to publish. I have the Thrive and your article is incorrect:

The Thrive is the first Honeycomb tablet to include a full-size SD Card slot.
None of this microSD card nonsense for Toshiba; ditto for only having a micro- or mini-USB port. By including the SD Card slot and USB port, the company recognizes the need for interoperability among devices.

i agree. i love the idea of having a full sized HDMI and USB slot. it makes life so much easier. no need to carry all the wires around. most people will complain about the weight but i think its fine. Overall, the best tablet till date

  • Anonymous

I think Toshiba has made an excellent decision, and seem like they've done more market research than its competitors. If a tablet is to replace a laptop and become an entertainment hub then you need all those specs and ports. Samsung, on the other hand, is just trying too hard to compete with ipad, I like Samsung and I think they make great products at good prices but they're probably trying too hard. Initially, I bought an ipad and then sold it after 1 month because it was such a closed system that made it only partially useful to me, case in point I could not reserve a rent a car on line because the website used flash; could not put my pictures because I needed to be near a computer with a cord and itunes. Although Android is far from perfect, it remains more open and does not "rule" you. I am glad I waited. I trust that the build quality of Toshiba is great and thus with those specs I am sold. Since I don't live in the States, I just asked a friend to send me one. Sorry for a fragmented comment; I needed to be brief.

  • Harold RF

why !!!!!!!! but tell me why!!!!!! it´s no a gsm devise!!!!

  • Anonymous

nmg, 04 Jun 2011And the driver support will be great on that Full USB port! lolWell, according this article:

"...and an ExFAT driver so the Thrive can handle up to a 1TB external hard drive over the USB port." so I'd say the full USB would definitely be a sufficient reason to consider purchasing this device

  • craluv

no 3G in thrive?

  • Bryan

I love this one. It has everything! Card reader, usb, hdmi port, plus it has interchangeable battery not like other tablet that you have to replace everything if the battery is already fried.. I dont mind if it is thicker than Ipad and Galaxy tab. Hope this will be available soon in the Philippines..

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]u dont know what ure saying. Android is the best

  • Anonymous

How does the screen compare to the asus transformer?

  • Anonymous

Linh Nguyen, 07 Jun 2011My concern is regarding software support. This will ship with HC... morei think software updates wont be a problem. it may be late but it will definitely roll out. i am definitely buying this tablet. i like the idea of having a full sd and usb port. i think this could replace a netbook.

My concern is regarding software support. This will ship with HC 3.1 but how will support be in the future? I currently have an Asus TF and their support is top notch. 3.1 was pushed out just weeks after announcement.

But the Toshiba's full SD and USB slots got me wondering if I should return the TF. I use my tablet mostly at home so weight is not really an issue. Especially when its less than 200gr difference.

  • JHMT

I already have RSI caused by the weight of Ipad Ver 1. @ 771 gms I will pass on this one. The weight needs at least a 5 in front of it.

  • DJ

Anonymous, 05 Jun 2011This is the base model, 3G version prototype has voice support c... moreZTE V9 has interchangable back and battery at 12mm thickness so yeah....

  • Anonymous

vodafone_india, 04 Jun 2011this is gps device with A-GPS support.....but no 3g or gsm netwo... moreThis is the base model, 3G version prototype has voice support can be used like a phone!!
15 mm thick was because the cover can be removed and can change battery, go ask the rivals to make one that can do that and still thin!

  • Faisal

15mm is too much thick for a tablet. Toshiba should understand that tablets got their hype because of their portability. but in 15mm i'd rather buy an acer w500 with windows

  • vodafone_india

this is gps device with A-GPS support.....but no 3g or gsm network u r made,,,,

  • nmg

Anonymous, 03 Jun 2011This is the tablet for me. this one has full size hdmi and usb. ... moreAnd the driver support will be great on that Full USB port! lol

  • Kav

15mm. Pretty thick compared to its competitors