Video Compare Tool

Welcome to the GSMArena Video Compare Tool. The tool puts up to three phones and their video cameras head to head, testing their performance in three scenes. What we compare here is a still frame taken from a video of each scene.

The overview picture on the left shows each scene through the "eyes" of the phone and the windows on the right show a part of the frame zoomed at 100%. You can drag the green viewfinder (or just click on the overview) to pan around the chart.

To swap one phone with another, you can use the dropdown menus below each window. A click in the window will set the overview to use that phone's video frame (the current phone is marked with a red border).

The tabs below the overview - Good light, Low light and ISO Chart - load one of the three frames. Each of the three frames emphasizes the camera performance in some area (e.g. resolved detail and color, low light performance, synthetic resolution).

The Good light and Low light frames are taken from a single video - we just dim the lights a bit.

In general the Video Compare Tool allows you to evaluate a phone's camera performance in terms of resolved resolution, fine detail, colors, noise, image processing, motion blur, good and low light performance. It's not all, but it's a lot nonetheless.

Of course, a single still frame doesn't tell the whole story - you can watch the Ferris wheel test videos as well. Click the play link next to each phone’s window to watch it – you can observe stuff such as framerate, blurring or even how the phone readjusts its exposition with dramatic change of the light power.



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