Vodafone Smart Tab 7

Vodafone Smart Tab 7

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  • Uncle LuLu

Please guys my vodaphone Smart tab 7 is not charging yet its on charger what might be the problem?and what should I do please help.

  • zintlee

antoine, 29 May 2015How do I set the vibrate My tab is not vibrating I don't know why because I've tried for several times can u help me plz

  • Jonny

help I lost my charger for my smart tab 7 and they don't have a new one

  • fozzy

my vodafone smart tab is not accepting any sim card when i insert a sim card it does not show any net work pliz help i love this fne

  • Anonymous

i don't understand why every time i switch on my tablet on i still get last month repeat of the same massage and my phone freezes

  • Anonymous

oskido, 22 Jun 2015how can l repair my screen tap when is craked I'm using a Vodafone smart tab 3g I can't make calls and when I call it it rings but there's nothing shown on the screen

  • oskido

how can l repair my screen tap when is craked

  • babygirl

please help me with the usb option, it tells me before you turn off usb storage eject your sd card from the computer but it's still not working, PLEASE HELP

  • angry user

Hi guys. My tab doesn't download anything. Not even a pic from Facebook not to even talk about an app from the app store. What can I do? It only downloads when I'm using WiFi . but it does not want to download with data

How do l set the vibrate option

  • antoine

How do I set the vibrate

  • capsafe

How flash smart tab II 7 ? Please

  • narkie

I just want to know...can I flash kitkat 4.4.2 on this device. overclock the cpu?.

  • jewelzlin

I lost my smartab 7 charger and cant find it any
where in zim. pliz help where can I get it

  • McLady Bontle

Shajal, 27 Mar 2015I have smart tab of Vodafone 7" sorvice is very good but on... moreSwitch off your mobile data

  • neo

my tab it does the outgoing calls but i dont receive the incoming calls ,i just get the notification of a missedcall ,what can i do help please

  • Anonymous

phil, 09 Apr 2015if possible can i buy one charger from you? i left mine oversea... moreuse a blackberry charger


T, 11 Mar 2015How do i switch off the load speaker when making and receiving a call?put you earfone

  • abz

hi my voda fone came with only 2gb onboard memory. is ther any way of me upgrading my internal memory

  • phil

jonboy45, 02 Nov 2014I have problems with charging the battery on my tablet. I have u... moreif possible can i buy one charger from you?
i left mine overseas in the hotel i was staying and cant find a cahrger anywhere or advice where i can purchase one?